"Not" Back to School Blog Hop 2015

This week is a Used Curriculum Sale!

Do you have overflowing bookshelves that are in desperate need of a good cleaning? What better way to purge your curriculum than to sell it on your blog to other homeschoolers?

Be sure to make it easy on your readers by including photos, product descriptions, product links, a clear purchase price, shipping information, and payment instructions. It may be helpful for you to include Paypal Buy It Now buttons.

Thank you to this week’s sponsor

Receive a 35% off discount on any single Harmony Fine Arts year plan grades 1-8 (no bundles). Use the code Ultimate35 before 7/13/15.

Blog Hop Rules

  • To add your link, click the small blue button that says “Add your link” at the very bottom of the post.
  • Do not create an empty “placeholder” post to save your link high up in the blog hop list. If there is no substance or curriculum information in your post, it will be removed.
  • You must link to your blog post permalink, not your blog URL. If you do not link to your POST, your link will be removed and you’ll have to come back and re-add it. Keep in mind that readers will still be visiting this blog hop months from now and if they click your link and end up on your blog homepage, they won’t be able to find your post. To find your post’s permalink: After you publish your post, go back to your blog and click on the post’s title. Copy everything in the top browser bar. Please see Darcy’s post on how to find your permalink for more details. For example: ….

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Happy Not Back-to-School to you all!

Has your link been deleted?
If your link does not take us directly to a post that lists your own curriculum for sale, it will be deleted.


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