Top 10 Tips for Teaching Science at Home

Science can be terrifying to teach, after all what happens if you miss something or skip a vital concept? To be honest, science isn’t that hard. In fact it’s a ton of fun to teach in the homeschool.

The Massive Homeschool Geography Guide

It’s always fun to learn about other cultures and how they affect the global society. It’s exciting to watch a child imagine what it would be like to live on some remote island in the Pacific, or travel to Siberia, or climb Mt. Everest. Geography is a subject that is more than just line drawings of maps, or lists of countries, it’s about learning what experiences might be like in other locations in the world in which we live.

10 Minute Nature Studies

I know that a lot of people want to do more nature study, but feel overwhelmed by the thought of all the time it’s going to take. Here, then, are my top 10 ways to study nature when you only have 10 minutes a day. Over 11 years of homeschooling, I’ve been happy to find these quick activities that still make a big impact. I hope you’ll find them helpful too!

Top Ten Writing Topics About Outer Space for Kids

Are you looking for fun and different writing topics for your kids? Try writing about space. Space gives kids room to dream and imagine. So encourage your children to use these ten space writing topics as launching points for reports or imaginative stories.

10 Cool Hands-on Geography Ideas for All Ages

Geography is a subject often neglected, which is a shame because it’s so easy to incorporate with other subjects, such as history, art, and language arts. Plus, geography is just fun to study on its own. Don’t believe me? Just check out these cool hands-on geography ideas for all ages!

You CAN Teach Homeschool Science

Do you avoid teaching science in your homeschool? Do you delegate it to your spouse or to co-op? Many people think of science as complicated or just plain yucky. They have visions of mathematical formulas, unpronounceable names, and dissecting frogs. Science is much more than that. Science is in our everyday life. It’s all around us. You are using it and are alive because of it right now. I’m here to tell you that you CAN teach homeschool science. Not only can you teach homeschool science, but when you realize how simple science actually is, you might even grow to appreciate and like science!

10 Ways to Study Nature in Winter

We absolutely love nature study in our home, however as soon as the cold weather hits it seems to get a lot harder to keep it up. The kids (OK, usually I) don’t love being out in the fierce cold for too long.  It also seems like there is just nothing to study in the winter because so much of it goes away in the colder months of the year. Nature does still live on through the winter, though! You just have to get a little more creative in how you look at it. Today I want to share with you 10 ways to study nature in the winter so you can stay motivated through the coldest months.