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Resources for Exploring Shark Week

The popular Shark Week is right around the corner! A must see mega show week on Discovery channel. Starting Sunday June 26th at 8 p.m. Eastern the annual Shark Week programming begins and runs for an entire week.

Why is this a big deal? As homeschoolers anytime we have access to incredible learning that dives deep into a subject, for free, then it’s a great idea to be tuned in to the happenings surrounding the resource. Discovery Channel is one such resource and Shark Week is both educational and one of those topics that kids just seem to get excited about. So it’s a win-win.

5 Resources for Shark Learning

Worksheets & Printables for Shark Learning

  1. 75 Outstanding Shark Resources that will Make you Squeal by Great Peace Academy
  2. LEGO Shark Worksheet by The Homeschool Scientist
  3. Free Sharks Lapbook by Homeschool Share
  4. Shark Story Starters by Blessed Beyond a Doubt
  5. Shark Anatomy by Monterey Bay Aquarium

Fun & Easy Shark Art for the Whole Family

Of course a favorite homeschool resources is the You ARE an Artist series. With their 2 part Sharks series the fun kids will love diving into shark art.sharks-bundle-477x600

Whether your a mom to boys who are enamoured with shark attacks, or a mom to girls who love to explore science, or marine biology Shark Week provides a fun and pressure-free way to learn during the summer. Whether you just hang out on the couch for a few hours watching with fascination while eating icecream, or you jump in feet first with a shark unit study your sure to have fun exploring these creatures of the deep.

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