Homeschooling and the S-Word (Socialization)

Homeschooling and the S- Word (Socialization) #ihsnet

Tell someone that you homeschool, and the first question that you get is probably about the s-word– socialization. How will your children be socialized? How will they make friends? How will they learn to cope in a world of so many people if you keep them locked away at home all day without a classroom of 24 other peers?

Well, the bloggers of iHomeschool Network have a lot of experience with answering these questions. Sometimes we answer with grace and patience. Other times we may respond with a bit of humor, sarcasm, or even snark. Whatever flavor you want, you will find it here in these posts that address the socialization issue. Or non-issue as the case may be.

For even more about socialization, wacth our Sept. 12 socialization iHomeschool Hangout recorded live on Google Plus.