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Stealth Homeschooling - Sneaky Ways to Get Kids to Learn | #ihsnet

When you pull out the school books, fire up the laptop do you sometimes get glazed over looks from your kids? Do they grumble and complain and make your day difficult because they just drag their feet to participate? Well, we’ve got a solution for those days. Stealth homeschooling.

What’s stealth homeschooling? you ask.

It’s when you sneak learning into your child’s day without them realizing they are learning. Sometimes this looks like a fun field trip and other times it’s introducing a new concept through an unusual learning  method. An example of this might be introducing a child to 3D Design through an online cad program, or hands on history through reenactment. The goal is to keep your kids learning by making it interesting without making it obvious that it’s a learning opportunity.

Today, the bloggers of iHomeschool Network are sharing their methods, ideas, and tips for stealth homeschooling.



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