Twin Day for International Homeschool Spirit Week

Welcome to Day 5 of the first EVER International Homeschool Spirit Week!

iHomeschool Network is proud to be the official host of Friday, September 28th:

Twin Day!

Homeschoolers are proud of the fact that they remain true to themselves and maintain their own unique identity. But not today! Today, we want you to find a friend, a sibling, even a parent and dress exactly alike. But don’t feel like you both have to dress in matching, normal-looking attire! We encourage you to pick the most crazy outfits possible. You can be whatever you want to be, as long as you match!

Twins Separated at Birth?

by Jimmie Lanley of Jimmie’s Collage

I’m not a twin, but I have a few friends that can think so much like me that it feels like having a twin. My best example is my business partner Amy. To run iHomeschool Network, we spend lots of time chatting online and writing emails back and forth.  We constantly finish each others’ sentences and jinx each other with almost identical chat messages. Sometimes I send Amy an email and she sends back a response that says, “I was just working on this and was thinking of the same slant you were!” Great minds, right?

We discovered that we both have the same personality profile and that it is the rarest one for women to have — INTJ. We both love science fiction and cheese and both have an only child. See? We must have been twins separated at birth.

Do you have a friend like this, someone who intuitively knows where your thoughts or emotions are headed? Do you have a friend-twin?

Show your Homeschool Spirit on Twin Day

We encourage you to share your twin fun with other homeschoolers in the following ways:

  • Tell your co-op and your homeschooling friends what you are doing and get them involved.
  • Hit the message boards and tell everybody about the fun you are having participating in International Homeschool Spirit Week.
  • Record a video of you and a friend or sibling dressed up as twins. Upload it to YouTube.  (Be sure and use the keywords, iHomeschool Network, Hands of a Child and Homeschool Spirit Week when uploading.)
  • Take a picture and share it on Instagram or Facebook. Be sure and tag iHomeschool Network, Hands of a Child and’s Facebook pages so we don’t miss your pictures.
  • Tweet about what you are doing, using hashtag: #homeschoolspiritweek.

Twin Day Freebie

Don’t forget to download your FREE spirit week resource from Hands of a Child by visiting, the official host of International Homeschool Spirit Week.

Twin Day Twitter Party

Join us on Twitter tonight for a Twitter party where we will award these twin prizes:

1. Two copies of Carol Barnier’s book The Big What Now Book of Learning Styles

Even twins have different learning styles, and Carol’s book will help you reach every one of your children in the ways they learn best.

2. Two copies of the iPhone or iPad app Fishy Math

Practice mental addition with this fun app from Math Game Time and Best Kids Websites.

3. Two copies of The Dig for Kids by Patrick Schwenk

This Bible study for kids will encourage your children to walk closely with God.

Go ahead and enter the Rafflecopter below to enter. You do not have to be present at the Twitter party to win. But the winners will be selected at the close of the Twitter party, so you only have until 9:30 PM ET to get a chance at these great prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I’m an INTJ too….that’s why everything you say makes sense to me. 🙂 I’m a former math teacher turned homeschool mom to 3 girls (my creative oldest is named Emma). I keep your ebooks as references when I need a boast or refocus on why I’m schooling off the beaten path. Thanks.

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