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It’s not easy balancing homeschool planning and a hectic life schedule. Luckily, with the right command center in place, things can go smoothly when it comes to planning and coordinating everything.

iHN Featured Favorite- 1Thrive, take control of your schedule2

1Thrive: Planning made easy

The ideal planner for everyone in the family, 1Thrive command centers are highly customizable and versatile. Its modular pieces are easy to move around and it’s extremely easy to install anywhere you want, be it on the wall or hanging from a door.

“1THRIVE Command Centers give you one location in your home where all the important details of your busy life come together. We know life is easier when you’re organized, and that is when you truly Thrive. Give us one wall, and we’ll help you command your life!”

— 1Thrive

Here are a few key features of 1Thrive and why it made it to iHN Featured Favorite status:

  • highly customizable: buy it pre-designed or build your own!
  • all pieces can be moved around because they are magnetic.
  • easy to install anywhere you want.
  • variety of styles and the possibility to accessorize it to fit your space.
  • versatile and easily adaptable to your family’s needs.
  • great quality liquid chalk markers in a variety of colors.

1Thrive is so easy to personalize! Choose from pre-designed or build your own according to your available space and needs. Don’t forget to add available accessories to fit your style.

Planning has never been easier

Our iHN families have been trying out 1Thrive planners and loved how easy it was to keep everyone organized and on track.

“I’ve definitely felt an improvement in my organization! I no longer scramble for the things we need in our morning time, and because the calendar is something that I look at multiple times a day, I haven’t had any surprise play dates or events sneak up on me. I’m prepared!”

– Leah, My Little Robins

“When I opened that box, I immediately felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. […]
Since that day, I have been able to organize my work space & keep track of homeschool things all in one place – it has motivated me in a way I never could have imagined!
I feel more productive and engaged each day that I sit down at my desk — something I haven’t felt in a really long time!”

– Mary, Simply Be Wild & Free

“A wall organizer that helped simplify my hectic life!

This Susan command center keeps me organized and functioning while reminding me daily to fill my cup in order to fill the cups of those around me better. It’s exactly what I needed to keep everything organized. My 1Thrive wall organizer has made it so that I haven’t missed an appointment, phone call, or lesson!”

– Erin, Nourishing My Scholar

1Thrive is stylish and functional

This wall organizer is simply beautiful and it’s so easy to adapt to any space and style.

“One important thing for me when I even consider hanging something on my wall is the appearance. I was so pleased to see how well the 1THRIVE wall organizer goes so well in our home library/Schoolroom. I don’t feel like it’s out of place or doesn’t match or style. In fact, the 1THRIVE wall organizer seems to go extremely well with so many styles. I love it!

– Jenny, Charlotte Mason Mama

“1THRIVE is not only super functional; it’s stylish! I completely love organizational items that blend right into my home décor.
That’s another reason I chose The Casey, the mirror. I knew I could play on the mirror aspect to brighten up that space a little, and when there is a knock at the door, I can quickly check my crazy-mom bun before opening up! […]

The 1THRIVE products are so lovely to look at that they easily mesh into practically any décor.”

– Courtney, Homeschool Mastery Academy

“Ultimately, we decided to go with a 1Thrive Command Center because we like the idea that the whole system can be customized and that the elements are interchangeable, and that we can continue to add on to our command center as our needs change.”

– Jodi, Wealthy and Wise

Teach organizational skills to kids

1Thrive is an amazing tool to get kids started on their planning and organizational skills, and they love it, too!

“My children always enjoy seeing new items added to our calendar and completed tasks removed. They especially enjoy marking off the days as they pass. The 1Thrive command center has helped keep my children enthused about being productive and organized.”

– Ashley, The Purposeful Nest

“Best of all: our kids are developing independence and taking ownership of their learning. The calendar and checklists show them exactly what needs to be done, and the clock and timers help with time management. “

– Melissa, Learn Their Way

“My kids and I love using 1 Thrive Wall Organizers to learn, to organize our time, so we can have even more time to spend with each other.

– Po Tim, Fortune Cookie Mom

“Teaching organization skills to young children can be a daunting task. After trial and error, I finally found a way to teach my girls how to stay organized. […] It’s been a key tool in keeping our family organized and on task.”

– Emily, Our Little Slice of Heaven


About the author

Laura is a homeschool mom from Europe, raising a STEM-gifted boy.
Homeschooling a gifted kid is sometimes difficult, but seeing her son flourish in this environment is worth it.
Over at Monkey and Mom she wants to help homeschool families from around the world find the best materials by testing them out in her homeschool.

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