24 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Learning Fun

St Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays we all LOVE  to have fun with! Make sure you wear green, or you’ll get pinched! It’s always fun to add a little craft or learning fun into that homeschool week to mark St. Patrick’s Day. To help with that, I’ve included 24 St. Patrick’s Day Craft’s and Learning Fun resources!

5 Quick Tips for Homeschool Parents Who Need to Deschool

Deschooling is often described as the time your child needs to recuperate once you remove them from institutional education. What if your homeschooled children haven’t spent even one day in school, but YOU’VE spent roughly ten full calendar years in school? Who needs to deschool in this situation?

Homeschooling Through Spring and Summer Holidays

Homeschooling through the holidays can be difficult, or it can be a great way to have some fun and with all the holidays throughout the year you can easily make it fun. They can be a fun way to learn about new things and create your own educational and fun traditions....

6 Tips to Teach Kindergarten Math Without Curriculum

This year, I'm teaching my daughter kindergarten math without curriculum. Kindergarten is the perfect time to "play" school, and kindergarten mathematics is the best place to start with making learning fun. When my oldest was beginning kindergarten, I excitedly bought...

5 Tips for DIY Senior Portraits

It's no secret that homeschooling your children opens the door to a whole world of educational freedoms. Among them, the freedom to choose which traditional high school rites and customs you participate in: class rings, prom, graduation ceremonies, and yes, senior...

101 Reasons to Consider

There are reasons for just about everything. Sometimes those reasons are unique to each person and other times the reason stems from a universal need, desire, or commonality. Often we see the world through our own lenses without considering the perspective of others....

5 Fun and Natural Ways to Teach Grammar

The following post contains affiliate links. The day students anticipate every year is almost here: March 4th—National Grammar Day! Ok, so maybe your children haven’t been doing a Christmas-style count down. But what a great subject to celebrate in your homeschool...

Crafting a Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

Homeschool graduations are as individual as homeschooling families! For as long as you’ve homeschooled, you’ve focused on an individualized approach that best suits your child. As you celebrate this capstone event in their education, craft an event that reflects that attitude!

9 Fun Winter Nature Study Ideas for Homeschoolers

Nature study is one of my favorite activities, but honestly, I don’t love the cold winter weather. It can be so easy to think that nature study is only for the summer months but there are so many beautiful things in nature that can only be studied during the winter....

10 Tips for a Strong Second Homeschool Semester

Most teachers and students will agree that the second semester can be difficult. The excitement of a new year and new curriculum has long since passed. Instead, we’re faced with days that are often long, cold, dark and dreary. Finish the second half of the school year strong and stave off cabin fever with these tips!