10 Tips for New Homeschool Moms

Being a new homeschool mom can be both exciting and overwhelming. A new homeschool mom should know a few things before she gets too enthralled in the homeschool season. Today I’m going to share the top 10 tips for new homeschool moms so that you can rest easy knowing that you have this under control and things will work out just fine.

10 Tips for New Homeschool Moms

Find out what your state’s homeschooling laws are

Some states are more lenient for homeschooling, while other states have some specific laws surrounding homeschooling. You’ll need to do your research to ensure that you’re ready to meet any and all laws or regulations for testing surrounding homeschooling.

Understand that you can switch things up in homeschooling  

As a new homeschool mom, you no longer have to abide by the public or private school curriculum that your child was previously used to. You can stop and switch things up if you start to feel overwhelmed. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend you switch the curriculum around if you’re feeling that way. You can have either day or night schooling time with children as well.

Learn everything about your child

This is going to be the biggest tip I can give any new homeschool mom, to learn your child. You must figure out the best way that your child learns and how you can adapt your homeschool method and curriculum in a way that suits their best learning style. Learn how to adjust your pace to match your child—especially if you have a slow learner.

Do not compare yourself to other homeschool moms

Each homeschool mom will teach their children in different ways, after all, that’s part of the bonus of being a homeschool mom, you can teach your child any way you see fit. Whether your children are gifted or slow learners, you should accept them as the way they are. It’s fine if you ask other homeschooling moms for advice, but don’t ever compare yourself with them.

Focus on character

Being a new homeschool mom means that you can focus more on building character versus academics, in some ways. Take time throughout your homeschooling day to teach your child more about morals, values, and beliefs that your family abides by.

Keep the faith

Homeschooling can get quite overwhelming, especially if you’re homeschooling more than one child. Learn to keep the Faith and remember why you started homeschooling in the first place. This will ensure that you keep moving forward in giving your kids the best homeschool environment possible.

Have a schedule

While it’s great to be a new homeschool mom and be able to teach your children in a more lax environment, it’s important to have a schedule. Your children will learn best when they have some routine in place for the day to day homeschooling education.

Have lots of breaks

If your homeschooling preschool children, playtime and breaks will become a necessity for sure. When you’re a new homeschooling mom you’ll quickly find out which child needs a bit more playtime throughout the day to work off some energy in between learning, allow them that time.

Meet other homeschool moms

You’ll want to find other homeschool moms that you can connect with in more ways than just education. Have a circle of homeschooling mom friends helps you to plan field trips and other events, plus it lets you have friends who understand your day to day woes and triumphs. Make positive meetings rather than finish it with a fight

Remember to make it fun

This is a great time to enjoy life and school with your children. Being a new homeschool mom puts you as the number one caregiver and educator for your child. Learn to embrace this new school setting and to have fun with it.

There you have it, 10 tips for new homeschool moms that are wondering where to go from here. Being a new homeschool mom is a great way to start teaching your child in a way that encourages unique thoughts, independent learning, and a strong family bond.

Adelien Tandian

About the author

I am Adelien Tan, a mother of three awesome boys and a wife of a great husband. We are a Catholic home education family who live in Surabaya, Indonesia, where home education is still very rare. English is not our first language, but I try to use it in blogging. You might visit us in Blessed Learners.

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