Family Movie Night for Homeschoolers

All kids love family movie night! Want to get your kids excited about their assigned reading? Try setting up a “book made into a movie” night with your family. It’s a great way to take the book beyond the pages.

How Homeschool Moms Can Start Freezer Meal Swaps

Doesn’t cooking once a month sound glorious? Freezer meal swaps changed my life. A group of friends all get together and swap meals for the freezer. The concept is simple: each member makes the same number of meals as there are members in the group.

Why Menu Planning for Homeschool Moms is Important

Note: This post may contain affiliate links that I know and love. Admit it.  Our lives as homeschool moms are busy.  There is always something to do whether its planning, teaching, cooking, cleaning, shopping, or budgeting.  Time and money are precious commodities in...

Teaching Cooking Skills in the Homeschool

Cooking is a basic life skill that every adult should have at least a modicum of knowledge of how to do. Having the advantage of having our children home with us makes it easier to incorporate cooking skills into homeschool routines. Whether it's starting with the...