5 Reasons to Love BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS

Besides all the fabulous learning reasons to Love BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS, another great reason is fun? These can help make learning (or review) more fun for our middle schoolers. Great for summer review, or for use in a homeschool setting, BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS are packed full of information and fun for middle schoolers.

How to Find Homeschool Math Lessons in Nature

Stepping away from the mathematics textbook and looking at all the math connections there are in nature is an eye-opening experience. Looking for and finding math lessons in nature is an art and science that will really benefit your students.

A Visit to the California Science Center

This week we visited the California Science Center for the first time. The museum is located in the Los Angeles Exposition Park and is near other museums attractions. There's so much to see here! The California Science Center combines exhibits and hands on learning...

Teaching Homeschool Science Without A Curriculum

Note: This post includes Affiliate Links* to products I've personally used and love. You don't need a curriculum to teach science. Yes, you read that right: you really don't need a curriculum to teach science! And while I'm not a science teacher per se, I have...

15 Awesome Autumn STEM Activities

Pumpkins, cooler weather, crunchy leaves…Autumn is such a fun and exciting time of the year. Now that the heat of Summer has subsided and you’re settling into a normal, daily homeschool routine, it’s the perfect time to add in something new. Hopefully this list of Autumn STEM activities will get you and your family excited!

Easy Environmental Science Experiments for Homeschoolers

I’m always on the look out for easy science experiment ideas! My requirements are simple. The experiments we complete here need to be easy to prep and even easier to execute. Here’s a few simple earth friendly, environmental science experiments and activity ideas to do with your family this spring.

5 Favorite Ways to Homeschool With LEGO®

I’m not sure we could successfully homeschool without LEGO® bricks. (I write this jokingly, but there is some element of truth to the statement.) LEGO® learning can take place across all subject areas, ages, and interest levels. LEGO® bricks will speak to a child when nothing else will, and sometimes they help make a break-through to understanding in a critical math or science concept.

Top 10 Blogs for Homeschool Science Inspiration

As a writer, scientist, and homeschooling mom, my passion is to share tips and tools for homeschool science. And I do so on my podcast and our company blogs, but I am not the only one out in the cyber-sphere who shares inspiration for this subject. Today, I want to share with you all ten blogs you can check out to glean some homeschool science inspiration.

Top Ten Science Experiments to do at Home

I am a big fan of experiments because they are the face of science! Now, I know the hands-on aspect of science is not without its challenges. But there is nothing like seeing the amazement spread across your child’s face when they see science in action. These ten experiments will lead to that look of wonder time and time again – let’s dig in!

Top 10 Tips for Teaching Science at Home

Science can be terrifying to teach, after all what happens if you miss something or skip a vital concept? To be honest, science isn’t that hard. In fact it’s a ton of fun to teach in the homeschool.

The Massive Homeschool Geography Guide

It’s always fun to learn about other cultures and how they affect the global society. It’s exciting to watch a child imagine what it would be like to live on some remote island in the Pacific, or travel to Siberia, or climb Mt. Everest. Geography is a subject that is more than just line drawings of maps, or lists of countries, it’s about learning what experiences might be like in other locations in the world in which we live.