How to Fulfill Homeschool Science Lab Requirements

Microscopes, beakers, test tubes, Bunsen burners, droppers, scales, flasks, funnels, thermometers, burettes, pipettes. And those are just some of the basics. Add in dissection tools, prepared microscope slides, and dissection specimen.

I don’t know about you, but that is quite a long list of lab equipment and supplies. And I’d venture to say that most families don’t just happen to have these supplies on hand to do a science lab.

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But, in order to complete an upper-level science class and fulfill your homeschool science lab requirements, you need all these supplies and more, right? Wrong!

Gone are the days of having to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy lab equipment and supplies for your homeschool. Therefore, I’m sharing my top two ways to fulfill high school science lab requirements without these additional purchases.

Live, Outsourced Science Labs

Why not utilize the supplies that someone else has already purchased? This can take on multiple formats. Many homeschool co-ops offer science courses that include labs.

For example, my daughter completed all of her biology dissections and experiments at our local co-op. And, I didn’t have to purchase a single piece of lab equipment or supplies.

Another option for live instruction is taking a science lab intensive. Students complete a year’s worth of science labs in just two days. And, all of the supplies and equipment are provided.

If live, outsourced science labs are not an option for your homeschooler, not to worry! I’ve got the ultimate solution for you!

Online, Virtual Science Labs

With online, virtual science labs, like those from College Prep Science, students complete all of their lab experiments from the convenience of their own homes. Moreover, it’s done all on the computer.

These realistic, interactive, virtual science labs allow students to perform all of the experiments required for a full year of science labs.

Best of all, all of the “supplies” and “equipment” are housed in the online laboratory. No additional lab purchases are required!

Students simulate all of the activities and steps involved in the experiment or dissection. Subsequently, each task is performed inside the interactive, online laboratory using virtual supplies and equipment.

No Supplies to Purchase & No Clean-up Required

Whether you opt for live, outsourced labs, or virtual online labs, there is an added bonus. No, you don’t have to purchase lab supplies and equipment. But, you don’t have to get your kitchen dirty either!

No frog dissections to clear off the counter in order to prepare dinner. No messy experiments splattered across the kitchen table.

In conclusion, if you want to fulfill your homeschool science lab requirements without purchasing lab supplies (or getting your kitchen dirty), outsourced or a virtual online science lab is definitely the way to go!


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