How to Create a Unit Study About Birds

Spring is in the air! That means that birds are likely in the air as well, as they’re all starting to migrate back up north for the beautiful weather that’s upon us. This is the perfect time of year to do a unit study about birds for your homeschool, so I’m going to help you with that as we create our own, together!

How to Create a Unit Study About Birds

Don’t be intimidated, now. Creating your own unit study is easy peasy! You just need to follow a few simple steps to create the perfect unit study about birds to use in your homeschool.

How to Create a Unit Study About Birds

Add Beautiful Literature

Adding books is the very first thing I always do as I create a new unit study. Bird books are super easy to find! Pinterest is a great place to go for inspiration, or you can simply pop bird books for children or picture books about birds into your search browser.

Something I try to find, if I’m able, is award-winning books. Caldecott Award-winning books are known for their beautiful illustrations, so if you can find these, that’s always a plus!

Include Hands-on Activities

Hands-on activities or experiments are always a part of our unit studies! This can be as simple as a craft that goes along with a book you read. You can also go all out with some mad scientist-level experiments! The sky is the limit!

Have Poetry and Other Educational Elements

I always love to include poetry in my unit studies. There is a ton of poetry about birds out there. The first thing I always do in my search is to find poems by famous poets so I know I will be finding something with substance.

I also typically try to include copywork, vocabulary, and some type of nature journaling in my unit studies, especially if they’re about something that relates to nature. You can do this by having your children sketch something from a book or when you’re out in nature and they find the perfect bird nearby!

The Perfect Nature Study for Your Homeschool

See, it’s easy to create your own unit study about birds! I have even more amazing bird lessons for you, too! Rabbit Trails through Science is a nature-based curriculum that has a full study of birds! From feathers to beaks, and nests to eggs. This curriculum has 16 lessons to create an amazing supplement or full curriculum for your elementary-age kiddo! You can also try a free lesson about spring, too.

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