Outer Space Writing Topics for Homeschooling

Are you looking for fun and different writing topics for your kids? Try writing about space. Space gives kids room to dream and imagine. So encourage your children to use these ten space writing topics as launching points for reports or imaginative stories.

Ten Space Writing Topics

1. Moon Base

Have you ever wondered what it would be like living on the moon? Encourage your kids to write about moon bases and what it would be like growing up on the moon watching the Earth hanging in the sky. Let their imaginations go crazy and describe a day in the life of a moon base child.

2. Space Stations

Assign your children to write a report about space stations. They can cover the history of space stations, what life is like on space stations today, or what the future of space stations is likely to be. Focus the report on your children’s interests to see the different angles this report can take.

3. Journey to Mars

Mars is coming up in the news a lot these days. Write a short story about a journey to Mars. How long will it take, and what will astronauts eat? Should anyone be allowed to make the trip, or will people be selected carefully? Have your kids consider these questions and more in their story of a journey to Mars.

4. Should Pluto Be a Planet?

Pluto used to be a planet and now it’s not. What does your child think about the change in Pluto’s status? Should we reinstate Pluto to it’s former status, or is Pluto simply a dwarf planet? Have your child research the definition of planets and come up with an appropriate argument.

5. Life of the Sun

The life of the sun is fascinating. Assign your kids to write a report about the sun, or the write a play about the sun’s experience. How would it feel to spend a lifetime burning in the sky providing light, warmth, and life to the Earth? What would the sun see as the ages pass by?

6. Type of Stars

There’s more than one type of star in the universe. Have your children research the different types of stars? Which ones might support life? Encourage reports and narrations about the stars as your family ponders the questions.

7. Is there Life Out There?

How many of us look up at the stars and wonder if there’s life somewhere out there? If there is, are they intelligent beings or like rabbits bouncing across the plains? Look up at the stars and muse together before writing down your children’s thoughts and arguments on the discussion.

8. What Would Alien Life Look Like

If there is alien life somewhere in the universe, what would it look like? Would aliens look like us or have tentacles? What would they eat? Have your child write a story about life on an alien planet and see where your child’s imagination takes you.

9. Relocate a Fairy Tale to an Alien Planet

A simple technique for story telling is to use an old plot but put it into a new location. In this case, take a favorite fairy tale and locate it among the stars. Rewrite the story as taking place on spaceships or an alien planet. It could happen on a space ship, or among the stars. Have fun creating imaginary scenes and characters.

10.Space Travel

What would life be like if we were able to hop between solar systems and galaxies like we currently travel between countries and continents? Would life for children be similar to our today, or would it be drastically different? Have your kids dream of a different life and write their conclusions in a short story.

Space and astronomy gives us many possible writing topics. The only thing your children need is to spend some time dreaming and imagining strange worlds before writing down their conclusions.

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