Using Picture Books to Teach Homeschool Math

Using great picture books to teach math concepts is such a fun way to introduce math!

Using Picture Books to Teach Homeschool Math

Since most young kids enjoy great books, reading stories that feature math topics helps kids see practical ways to use math in real life.

However, math can cover a wide variety of skills, such as:

  • Patterns
  • Number sense (counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division)
  • Measurement (time, money, length, weight, etc.)
  • Geometry (shapes and figures)
  • Logic and more

And…. since math can involve so many skills, it’s best to find books that focus on a specific math skill. Finding the right book is easier than you might think!

Where to Find Picture Books to Teach Math

Wondering which titles are the best picture books to teach math to kids?

First, I highly recommend talking to your local children’s librarian. Wonderful new books are constantly being published and added to your library collection.

There’s also something about holding the book in your hand, looking at the pictures, and actually seeing if the book interests your kids that is priceless.

Then another place to find great books to teach math skills is local bookstores. The staff is typically more than willing to share the most popular options, along with some hidden finds among the shelves.

Finally, using online sites with reviews is time well spent. Simply searching on for “{math skill} + picture book” often helps me discover new titles as well.

Plus, the customer reviews are so helpful when I’m deciding if the book is what I’m looking to find.

Here are some top picks for picture books for teaching math concepts.

Picture Book to Teach Division

The Doorbell Rang Picture Book to Teach Math

The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

The cookies are fresh out of the oven, and the kids are excited to divide them up and enjoy them. However, when more and more friends keep ringing the doorbell, the kids have to re-divide the cookies. Will there be any left?

Fun tip: Make cookies and act out the story! Yum!

Picture Books to Teach Elapsed Time

Clocks and More Clocks Picture Book to Teach Math

Clocks and More Clocks by Pat Hutchins

Mr. Higgins loves his clocks, but he can’t seem to get them to all show the same time. Find out how a local clockmaker helps Mr. Higgins with all of his clocks.

Fun tip: Walk around your house to check the time on all of the clocks you have. Do you have the same issue as Mr. Smith?

Pigs Will be Pigs Picture Book to Teach Math

Pigs on a Blanket by Amy Axelrod

The Pig family is excited to finally take a day trip to the beach. However, their typical shenanigans cause delay after delay. Will the pigs even make it to the beach?!

Fun tip: Check out other books in the “Pigs Will be Pigs” series. There are some holiday-themed books as well.

Picture Book to Teach Counting and Numbers

Over in the Garden Picture Book to Teach Math

Over in the Garden by Jennifer Ward

Who knew there were so many hidden numbers and creatures in the garden?

Fun tip: Use a plastic magnifying glass to inspire your kids to keep looking for the hidden numbers on each page.

Picture Books to Teach Measurement

How Big is a Foot Picture Book to Teach Math

How Big is a Foot? by Rolf Myller

When the king asks for a new bed, there is a bit of a mix-up about how many “feet” long it should be.

Fun tip: Have each member of your family trace their footprint and compare the lengths.

Even MORE Resources for Teaching Math

And… don’t forget to come back to iHomeschoolNetwork for other great articles about teaching math to kids of all ages, like these:

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