10 Christmas Activities for Homeschooling

December is one of my favorite times of year to change things up and have fun veering off our normal homeschool path. That’s why we include Christmas activities in our homeschool plans whenever possible.

10 Christmas Activities for Homeschooling

This holiday season, we’ve stayed busy with mixed media Christmas art and Christmas Around the World. Now that those projects are winding down, we can add some other things to our December homeschool mix.

Thanks to my fellow iHomeschool Network bloggers, I didn’t have to look far for some fantastic Christmas-related homeschool ideas. Here’s a look at ten Christmas activities I can’t wait to do with my kids.

10 Christmas Ideas I Can’t Wait to Do

1. Christmas STEM Challenges

We’ve spent this year focusing on zoology in our homeschool. We’re learning lots of great stuff through zoology, but it hasn’t allowed much time in other areas of science or STEM. That’s why I’m excited about these Christmas STEM Challenges from Schooling a Monkey. These fun projects are a great reason to put zoology on the shelf for a few weeks.

2. Christmas Goodies

Naturally, I’m looking forward to making some yummy Christmas treats with my kiddos. I’ve spied more than a few must-try ideas on Shelly’s list of 25 Christmas Goodies to Make with Your Kids.

3. Christmas Decoration Scavenger Hunt

The kids are excited to make looking at Christmas lights a game this year with this free printable Christmas Decorations Scavenger Hunt from Brandi.

4. Christmas Around the World

I’m excited to study more about Christmas around the world this year. These ideas are a great starting point for us!

5. December Writing Prompts

This is that time of year when I just don’t have it in me to fuss over detailed language arts lessons. That’s why I can’t wait to print these December Writing Prompts I found over at Embark on the Journey. These prompts will keep my big kid in the practice of writing while giving us both a break from our normal language arts routine.

6. Christmas Letter Hunt Activities

On a similar note, my kindergartener loves letter hunt activities. I know she’ll love these Christmas Letter Find Printables from Living Life and Learning.

7. Serving Others Locally

There are no words for how much I love Rebecca’s idea of Giving the Twelve Days of Christmas. I can’t wait to brainstorm ideas with my family and pick a recipient.  What an incredible way to bless others while encouraging kids to serve.

8. Incorporating Carols

Christmas carols are one of my favorite things about the holiday season. We’ll be using these tips and tricks to incorporate them into our homeschool lessons throughout December.

9. Christmas Serving Dishes

I know my kiddos are going to love experimenting with these DIY Christmas Serving Plates. They love sharing their drawings with others anyway, so I plan to let them make some of these plates and include them with some Christmas goodies to share with friends and neighbors.

10. Christmas Ornaments

Thanks to Heidi at Starts at Eight, I think I’ve found our Christmas ornament project for this year. First, I need to get some replacement Scrabble tiles or round up our extra Bananagrams tiles for this project. Either way, these Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments are going to be super cute.

So, what about you? What are you excited about doing in your homeschool this Christmas?


About the author

Emily Copeland is a Christ follower, homeschool mom of two, and book lover living in coastal North Carolina. She writes at Table Life Blog where she shares practical ideas for homeschooling and encouragement for making the most of all the moments at home around the table.

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