5 Ways to Supplement Your Homeschooling to Keep Things Interesting

Is your homeschool in a funk? Learn how to supplement your homeschooling to keep things interesting!

How to Supplement Your Homeschool to Keep it Interesting

But we can do something about this.

One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling is the ability to custom-teach to our child’s specific style of learning. WE have the authority to be flexible and creative.

So, if your son or daughter is bored, why not get a little extra creative? It’s time to think outside of the box, chase a rabbit trail off the subject, or supplement your homeschooling subject with something fun!

With that said, I want to throw out five ideas to revive a boring topic or stir up interest in a subject that your workbooks might be falling short of providing!

Supplementing Your Homeschooling to Avoid Boredom

I don’t consider these five ideas as exhaustive; they are simply some of the things that come to my mind or things that I’ve done in our own homeschooling. Here we go!

1. Try an Activity Kit

Purchase some activity kids that fit your subject or topic by adding some relative fun to it!

2. Meet Others

Start a homeschool variety club or co-op with a couple of other families as we did.

3. Volunteer

Volunteer to help at the local humane society (we did this for a little while), soup kitchen, museum, etc., or do some other charity work appropriate for your child’s age.

4. Learn Something New

Take a break from the workbook (it’s okay if you don’t finish it all in one school year) and do a small unit study on one small part that is especially interesting to your child. Take a detour and make your own unit study by simply combining the following: a reading component (library book, for example), some free printable worksheets or coloring pages you find online, a craft project (check Pinterest for ideas), and a movie! This is not an exhaustive list of ideas, by the way. See my water cycle unit study idea here for an example.

5. Change of Scenery

Do some of your work or activities outside, or take a field trip of your own. Look for discounted admission during “homeschoolers week” at museums and such. Also, check out the benefits of getting a membership from a place that is part of the reciprocal program in the USA and other parts of the world here!

Fun Ways to Expand Your Homeschooling

Perhaps you’ve found some other ways to make homeschooling fun and interesting for your children. I’d love to see what worked for you, so please share your tips and tricks!

Tracy Zdelar

About the author

Tracy, formerly not a fan of homeschooling, can't think of a better way to educate her two sons and has been doing so for going 11 years now. She blogs about homeschooling, travel and family fun in her home state of Ohio.

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