Helping Homeschooled Kids Develop a Love of Reading

With such benefits to reading, it is natural that homeschoolers feel pressure to make sure kids don’t fall behind. This can lead to aggressive use of flashcards and reading logs. Unfortunately, this can destroy the love of reading and end up hurting rather than helping our kids.

5 Reasons to Love BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS

Besides all the fabulous learning reasons to Love BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS, another great reason is fun? These can help make learning (or review) more fun for our middle schoolers. Great for summer review, or for use in a homeschool setting, BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS are packed full of information and fun for middle schoolers.

Using Literature to Teach Math

Using literature to introduce math cultivates number sense and mathematical thinking and is a gentle method which creates an awareness of how math permeates everyday life.

9 Reasons to Use Picture Books in Your Homeschool

I grew up with my nose in a book, and did my best to inspire my kids to love reading as much as I do. One way I did that was to supplement our homeschool lessons with picture books as often as possible. When all three kids were homeschooling, we’d frequently leave the library with fifty picture books on various topics.