5 Reasons to Love BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS

Besides all the fabulous learning reasons to Love BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS, another great reason is fun? These can help make learning (or review) more fun for our middle schoolers. Great for summer review, or for use in a homeschool setting, BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS are packed full of information and fun for middle schoolers.

Homeschool History With Netflix

There is something special about video that helps bring a subject to life. That’s why I love to use video streaming services, like Netflix, as a supplemental resource in our curriculum. It’s super helpful to have such a wealth of educational entertainment at my fingertips.

10 Thanksgiving History Conversation Starters for Kids

Cultivating an attitude of thankfulness is something we can work on all year long, but Thanksgiving provides an especially perfect platform to do so. Studying history -- at any point in time -- fosters gratitude by opening our eyes to difficulties, letting us step...

The Massive Homeschool History Guide

Whether you are teaching ancient history with its Egyptian pyramids, they mystery of Stonehenge, and Hammurabi's code or the castles and knights of the medieval time history is full of both legends and adventure. Seeing history through the excited twinkling eyes of...

How to Choose the Perfect Jean Fritz History Book

“In my father’s study there was a large globe with all the countries of the world running around it”, beloved children’s author Jean Fritz writes in the opening lines of Homesick: My Own Story. “I was in China in city named Hankow, a dot on a crooked line that seemed to break the country right in two. The line was really the Yangtze river, but who would know by looking at a map what the Yangtze River really was?”

5 Favorite Ways to Homeschool With LEGO®

I’m not sure we could successfully homeschool without LEGO® bricks. (I write this jokingly, but there is some element of truth to the statement.) LEGO® learning can take place across all subject areas, ages, and interest levels. LEGO® bricks will speak to a child when nothing else will, and sometimes they help make a break-through to understanding in a critical math or science concept.

45 Black History Month Resources for Homeschoolers

Each year during Black History Month, I search high and low for resources that will help me teach my kids about their culture and history. Although we talk about it often in our home, there’s just nothing quite like reading an account of our forefathers’ struggles and successes, watching a video, then creating a lapbook about it all. These kinds of hands-on activities make learning about our heritage come alive for us. Among these resources are printables, documentaries, video and audio clips, apps, and curriculum.

Seven World History Field Trip Ideas

Taking field trips is a great way to bring history to life for homeschooling families. In addition to thousands of places around the United States where you can learn about U.S. history, you can also visit hundreds of sites in this country where you can learn about world history. Since the founding of the United States, Americans have taken an interest in the history and culture of other people and places.

Homeschool President’s Day Learning Fun

President’s Day is one of my 10 year old history buff’s favorite days. His love of all things American Presidents started at preschool age and continues today. Fortunately, as homeschoolers, we have the option to conduct school on President’s Day (unlike public and private schools around us). We take advantage of this opportunity to enrich our history studies with learning fun.

Birthday Lessons in May

Visit Jenn at Mama Jenn to learn more about inventor and engineer Elijah McKoy. Mr. McKoy was born May 2, 1844. Visit Erica at Homeschooler Confessions to learn more about the famous composer Johannes Brahms, who was born May 7, 1833. Visit Tricia at Hodge Podge to...

President’s Day or George Washington’s Birthday?

With the arrival of February, it’s time to brush up on everything you know about President’s Day! Or is it George Washington’s birthday? Perhaps it’s Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays combined? My Google Calendar calls it Presidents’ Day, but the national archives record it as George Washington’s Birthday only. What exactly are we celebrating here?