Gifts Every Homeschool Mom will Love

Buying gifts for a mom can be tough. It's often hard to know what she'd like or need. Buying for homeschool moms can be even tougher! She's likely home with the kids for the better part of most days. And, that can get tiresome. She might need a little break from...

Instagram for the Homeschool Mom

Instagram, when used wisely, can be another helpful tool in your homeschool mom tool belt. May it give you the information, inspiration, or connection you need, exactly when you need it.

How I Find Time to Read as a Busy Homeschool Mom

Maybe you have not found the time to read as a busy homeschool mom. I get it. Last year I put my foot down and carved out time for me to read. In fact, I set a lofty goal of a book a week. And I surpassed that goal. I learned a lot from reading a book a week, and I am excited to share six practical tips with you.

Finding a Homeschool Planner that Meets All Your Needs

If you are always on the hunt for a homeschool planner that would solve all of your problems and meet all of your needs, you’ve probably realized that the planner that actually does all of these things for you doesn’t exist. Here are my tips for finding one that works.

How Homeschool Moms Can Start Freezer Meal Swaps

Doesn’t cooking once a month sound glorious? Freezer meal swaps changed my life. A group of friends all get together and swap meals for the freezer. The concept is simple: each member makes the same number of meals as there are members in the group.

Midyear Homeschool Encouragement for Mom

Can you believe for many of us this homeschool year is halfway over? I am often amazed by the speed the first semester of the school year passes. As the first semester winds down, I have found myself evaluating our homeschool year. I don’t know about you, but in our...

Why Menu Planning for Homeschool Moms is Important

Note: This post may contain affiliate links that I know and love. Admit it.  Our lives as homeschool moms are busy.  There is always something to do whether its planning, teaching, cooking, cleaning, shopping, or budgeting.  Time and money are precious commodities in...

I am THAT Mom version 2.0

Moms can sometimes be clique-ish. Sometimes THAT mom can feel like they are left out or that they stand out from the crowd. Do you ever feel like, That Mom!? From time to time we all feel this way. But it's can especially be so when we've chosen to go against the...