3 Tips for Choosing Homeschool Extracurriculars

We have a harder time staying home to homeschool than we do finding opportunities to socialize. The real challenge is deciding what homeschool extracurriculars are our best “yes”. As a busy homeschool family, how do we decide what extracurriculars to get involved in?

Family Movie Night for Homeschoolers

All kids love family movie night! Want to get your kids excited about their assigned reading? Try setting up a “book made into a movie” night with your family. It’s a great way to take the book beyond the pages.

Hands-On Education: Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids is one of our favorite hands-on ways of learning with our children. Did you know that getting in the kitchen can offer more than just recipes and dirty dishes? My kids have learned math, science, geography, and even history!

Homeschool Aquarium Field Trip: come with us!

Want to go on a field trip with us today? I’ll be fun, and won’t cost you a thing. About a year and a half ago, we relocated from the Atlanta area to a little town on the coast of North Carolina. We absolutely love it, and one of the reasons we do is the abundance of outdoor fun and nature study opportunities that abound. Today, we’re taking a nature-themed field trip, but it’s indoors — to the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

Fabulous Homeschool Field Trips to Everyday Places

One of my goals this year is to make going out of the house more a part of our homeschooling. Taking all three of my kids somewhere has always been a struggle for me. I never seem to get all my ducks in a row so that I feel freed up to leave the house. You know: lunches packed, dinner in the crockpot, house clean, schoolwork prepped and organized… This is a list that rarely gets completed!