What the Homeschool Mom Wants for Teacher Appreciation

With all the national days out there, teacher appreciation is one that is faithfully celebrated every year. You see posts on Facebook about what to get teachers, and Pinterest boards have a plethora of ideas.

But what about the homeschool mom? What does the homeschool mom want for teacher appreciation day?

What the Homeschool Mom Wants for Teacher Appreciation

A few years ago, a curriculum company declared a homeschool teacher appreciation day, and I was on board to celebrate such a great occasion. Curious as to what a homeschool mom wants for teacher appreciation? I’ll tell you.

Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Homeschool Moms


The gift of time can be given in several different ways. It can be a day off – where the husband takes the kids out of the house so she can enjoy her home in peace and quiet.

It could be a weekend away either on a fun girls’ weekend, attending a homeschool convention, or a hotel room, all to herself. All options are glorious.  

Another gift of time would be giving mom a break from all that she does. Cooking, cleaning, taking the kids to all the things – a break from any or all of those would be a welcomed reprieve.

Favorite Things

While most teachers don’t want another mug, I am here for them! I love mugs, and the ones about teaching are my favorite.  Some coffee or a gift card to the local coffee shop would be high on my list.

Another thing homeschool moms are particular about is their writing utensils. I only like specific pencils for myself, and as of recently, these erasable pens are also a favorite. Find out what your homeschool mom’s favorite writing utensil is and stock – up. Also, keep your hands off them.

I haven’t met a homeschool mom who does not like to read. Books are our love language. Whether you enroll her in a monthly book club, take her to Barnes and Noble, or give her an Amazon gift card – we know you love us when you give us books.


We are in the year 2023, and what a blessed year it is when we can pay others to do things for us or to us. I love massages; however, I rarely treat myself to one. A massage is always a good gift, especially when coupled with the gift of time.

Another great invention of our time is grocery delivery or pick-up. Not having to go into the grocery store with little ones in tow is a gift. To be able to text my husband and say, pick up the groceries on your way home, is something I treasure. Delivery services usually have amazing deals around Black Friday.

Another excellent service is meal planning. Plan to Eat is an excellent resource for planning your meals for the month. It takes the brain work out of creating your grocery list and saves so much time. Surprise your homeschool mom with a yearly subscription!

Sincere Appreciation

Honestly, though, while all of those gifts are great (Really, they are great. We will not complain.), what we genuinely want is our kids’ and spouse’s sincere appreciation.

Make us a thank-you card, pick us some daisies or rocks (hi, boy mom), or simply tell us you love us and are thankful for all we do.

Because sincere appreciation is really what the homeschool mom wants for teacher appreciation.  

Heather Gerwing

About the author

Heather Gerwing is a Stay-At-Home/Homeschooling-Mom of 4. She is a Jersey Girl at heart but has lived in Michigan for the last 15 years with her husband Jeff and their kids. Heather enjoys reading, coffee-ing, worshipping, and writing. She is passionate about her family and living this life, which God has blessed her with, to the full.

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  1. As a homeschooling mom, I can say that teacher appreciation is definitely important to us. We put a lot of time and effort into creating a personalized education for our children, and it's nice to feel recognized and appreciated for our hard work. Thanks for sharing this masterpiece.

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