10 Items to Stockpile During Back to School Sales

10 Items to Stockpile During Back to School Sales

Back-to-school sales will be in progress even before summer comes to an end.  Whether heading to the grocery store, local supercenter, dollar store, or office supply store, there are great back-to-school bargains waiting for homeschoolers as well!

This is a great time for homeschool families to restock the basic school supplies needed for the year, but it’s also a great opportunity to stockpile the items that get used the most in our homeschools.

By stockpiling during back-to-school sales, you’ll have your most-used homeschool supplies on hand when you need them.  Better yet, by purchasing plenty of these items when they’re on sale, your homeschool budget won’t take a hit several months into the year because of restocking!

Not sure which school supplies are worth stockpiling? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Notebooks and loose-leaf paper

If you only stockpile one thing during back-to-school sales, let this be it!  Loose-leaf paper and notebooks are ridiculously inexpensive while public schools are preparing to start back. Buy it now so that you’ll have all you need throughout your homeschool year and avoid spending more later on.

Art supplies

Back-to-school time is also great for stockpiling your must-have art supplies for the homeschool year. Supercenter stores always include more standard art items like crayons and colored pencils in their sales, while arts and craft stores tend to spotlight the supplies that art students need.  That’s where you’ll likely find quality paints, pastels, and specific art paper on sale during the back-to-school season.


Nothing, and I mean nothing, can grow legs and walk off faster than a pencil. (At least that’s how it is at my house!)  Give yourself a fighting chance by stocking up on several packs of your favorite pencils now.

Your favorite pens

Let’s face it, the kids will borrow them and forget to return them or they’ll fall behind the bookshelf never to be seen again.  One by one, your favorite pens will disappear, leaving you with the crummy ones. Buy them while they’re on sale and keep them stashed away so you can enjoy them all year long.

Copy paper

Many public and private schools require their students to purchase copy paper with their back-to-school supplies. Take advantage of the back-to-school sales and stock up for your homeschool. You’ll be glad to have plenty of copy paper on hand whether it’s used for printables, scratch paper, or STEM projects (also known as paper airplanes these days).

Printer ink

Homeschool families usually have some serious printer needs and those needs can get costly.  If you notice your printer cartridges on sale, you’ll never regret stocking up while the prices are lower.


The multicolor packs and standard black markers are usually less expensive during this time of year. Since homeschool families use Sharpies for many things during the course of a school year, stockpile them now and avoid the higher prices that come when the sales are over.


This is the time to purchase binders!  Not only are the less expensive than other times of the year, but back-to-school sales also have a better selection of binders.  Look ahead to see what subjects may require binders for your homeschool year and take advantage of that huge selection now.  You may find it difficult to find them if you wait until later in the year.

Disinfectant cleaning wipes

These aren’t necessarily school supplies for homeschoolers, but these cleaning wipes are usually on the supply list for public school students. You may not use them much for school, but chances are they show up on your household shopping list pretty often.  Why not take advantage of the back-to-school deals and stock up for your household needs?


Along with cleaning wipes, tissues aren’t traditionally considered school supplies.  Even so, they often make the cut for public school supply lists.  Enjoy the sale prices and get a head start on your household tissue needs before the cold season arrives!

Are you already a school supplies stockpiler? What are your favorite items to stock up on during back-to-school sales?


About the author

Emily Copeland is a Christ follower, homeschool mom of two, and book lover living in coastal North Carolina. She writes at Table Life Blog where she shares practical ideas for homeschooling and encouragement for making the most of all the moments at home around the table.

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