Free-schooling: Awesome Homeschool Resources That Won’t Cost You a Dime

Is homeschooling draining your budget? Get tips for free-schooling that will put money back in your family’s wallet.

One of the lessons I quickly learned as a new homeschooler was how easily homeschooling could drain our budget. We spent a lot of money that first year because I found so many wonderful curriculums, activity kits, and classes, and I felt like my children needed them all. If we’re not careful, homeschooling can get expensive!

Free-schooling- Awesome Homeschool Resources That Won't Cost You a Dime

In order to keep homeschooling, I knew we had to start making more stainable choices, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the quality of our materials. Enter Free-schooling. Thanks to the generosity of non-profits, educational organizations, and creators, there are all sorts of wonderful ways for our homeschoolers to learn for free.

Free-schooling Websites and Activities Your Kids Will Love

Below you’ll find our favorite “Free-schooling” resources. Don’t worry, free doesn’t mean less than. These websites offer all sorts of high-quality materials and activities to help your homeschooler learn and enjoy learning.

Reading & Writing

All About Learning Press – free posters, games, and activities for reading and spelling. There are resources for all ages, including parents. This is also a great place to go if your child has dyslexia or other learning differences.

Read, Write, Think– free resource filled with interactive student activities and printable lessons.

Poetry Foundation– a free site filled with all things poetry, they also have a page dedicated to helping children and teens learn all about poetry.

NaNoWriMo’s Young Writer’s Program– free workbooks and activities to inspire, support, and get kids writing.

ReadWorks– free online articles and passages on every subject for all ages. Students can also learn vocabulary, answer questions, and get help with reading comprehension.


Khan Academy – truly the place to go for free-schooling, Khan Academy has online classes for every age. While math is what they are known for, Khan Academy also has wonderful science, computer, and language classes as well.

PBS Learning Media– math videos, lessons, and activities for all ages.

National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives– virtual math manipulatives for all ages and mathematical subjects including geoboards, base blocks, and tangrams.

Calculation Nation– math games created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.


Mystery Science– offer free memberships, free resources, and send out weekly Mystery Doug videos to get kids learning about all things science.

National Science Teaching Association– a treasure trove of free science resources.

NASA STEM- activities and resources for all ages

National Geographic Kids– videos and activities- great for younger and elementary age kids.


Type Dojo– free online practice and lessons- great for older kids.

KidzType– also known as Dance Mat Typing- free online practice and lessons- great for younger kids.

All Subjects

Brain Pop- offers free educational videos and activities on a variety of different topics.

Sparkle Stories- online stories and activities for kids. Martin and Sylvia are homeschoolers 🙂

Playful Learning- printable activities with a focus on art, nature, and natural materials.

Big Life Journal Freebies– posters, journals, and activities to help kids grow their growth mindset.

Kelly Sage

About the author

Once a middle and high school English teacher, Kelly left teaching at brick and mortar schools to homeschool and reclaim how she spent her time. Her family practices interest-led learning, so their days rarely look the same, but for sanity, Kelly tries to keep a simple rhythm. It usually involves a lot of reading and time outside. Kelly facilitates creative writing circles, teaches on Outschool and for VIP Kid, and blogs about nurturing the love of learning on her blog, Curiosity Encouraged.

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