Dyslexia Solutions for Homeschoolers

Are you homeschooling a child with Dyslexia? There are solutions that can help you to meet your child’s unique needs.

Dyslexia is a neurological condition caused by a different wiring of the brain. There is no cure for dyslexia and individuals with this condition must learn coping strategies. It often presents with difficulty reading and spelling but is not an indication of a person’s level of intelligence. People with dyslexia can successfully learn to read. 

Dyslexia Solutions for Homeschoolers

Encouraging Quotes for Parents of Children with Dyslexia

▬ “People with dyslexia have a remarkable and beautiful way of viewing the world. Don’t lose sight of that while you’re working together with your child to find the method and curriculum that work best for them. Celebrate the unique way they see and experience the world and help them to do the same.” – Lara Molettiere at Everyday Graces Homeschool

▬ “Homeschooling a child with Dyslexia won’t look like you originally imagined, however, you’ll end up following some of the most amazing rabbit trails, digging deep to build a strong child, and really learning how your child ticks. A child with Dyslexia has a brain that doesn’t see the world in the same manner as everyone else, and that can be a beautiful thing. The journey can be a struggle, but embrace this wonderful little creature you’re blessed with for who they are, and you’ll see them thrive.” Lesli Gibbs at This Crazy Homeschool Life

▬ “When faced with a dyslexia diagnosis for your child, it’s perfectly OK to mourn. Pout, cry, stomp your feet and yell — whatever you have to do to get those emotions out. When you’re done, shake it off. Your next step is to learn all you can about dyslexia and how it affects the way your child learns. With homeschooling, you can adjust the curriculum and your expectations to meet your child’s challenges and allow them to soar in the areas where they shine.” Dianna Kennedy at The Kennedy Adventures

▬ “Homeschooling my kids with dyslexia has been both the most difficult thing I have done and the most rewarding. I have watched them grow naturally into their gifts and talents without the pressures of trying to learn in ways they can’t learn at a pace they can’t keep. No one knows or cares for your child like you do. You can do it!” – Marianne Sunderland at Homeschooling With Dyslexia

▬ “My dyslexic child forces me to be a better teacher. She forces me to research and improve how I present things. She motivates me to do what I wouldn’t have otherwise tried to do. Together, we both learn to do hard things.” Tracy Glockle at Growing in Grace 

▬  “When you homeschool your child with dyslexia, or any learning disability for that matter, you are partnering with them and become their number one cheerleader.” Amy Mattson at Raising the Extraordinary

Dyslexia Solutions for Homeschoolers

Top Online Reading Curriculum for Dyslexia

Finding curriculum that helps to teach a child that has dyslexia how to read while also providing a quality language arts education can be overwhelming.

“I also spoke with trusted homeschooling friends with dyslexic kids as well as reading specialists about curriculum choices for reading for dyslexics that they loved. These are some of the top recommended language arts curriculum choices.”

L.E. Mastilock shares how she discovered Top Online Reading Curriculum for Dyslexia.

Dyslexia Solution for Independent Learning

While homeschooling makes it easier to come alongside your children to help them in their educational endeavors it’s not always easy to be right there every single minute. One of our goals is to help our children to become independent learners. But that’s not easy when homeschooling children with dyslexia.

“When you’re homeschooling young dyslexic children, there are not too many opportunities for independent learning. Helping our student through each assignment is a must in most instances. …  we can use Nessy as an independent learning resource.”

How Nessy Online Games Helped my Child with Dyslexia Amy at Raising the Extraordinary

How Listening Therapy Can Help Children with Dyslexia

Lara at Everyday Graces share how she was able to use Integrated Listening Therapy to help her children. First, she shared what Integrated Learning Systems (iLS) is, and how she began to use it in her own home for therapy. Then a few weeks later she shared the results.

What is Integrated Listening Therapy? (and why we are using it)

“The listening is music, treated music to be precise. That means the ups, downs, pace of the music, etc. have been manipulated to work by stimulating certain neural pathways and work with the bone conductor in the headphones.”

Integrated Listening Systems – The Results

” After the first 4 weeks, Mr. T had a 7% reduction in the times he would flip letters or words. In only a month’s time, that is a significant difference.”

Be sure to read through both of Lara’s posts to see how this system was helpful. 

Affordable Dyslexia Homeschool Curriculum

It can get expensive providing not only materials to meet the general homeschooling topics but also adding in specialized materials to teach a special need. Anytime you homeschool a child with special needs you might get frustrated finding just what your child needs at affordable prices.

“Our family has been able to find some amazing deals on dyslexia-friendly homeschool curriculum through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”

Marianne at Homeschooling with Dyslexia shares how she finds the Best Deals on Dyslexia-Friendly Homeschool Curriculum.

Dyslexia Solutions for Gifted Children with Twice Exceptionalities

Every child is unique. This is also true of children with dyslexia. Some children have both dyslexia and advanced learning abilities, that is considered to be gifted and talented. When a child has two distinct special needs it is known as Twice Exceptionalities. For families with gifted children it’s often normal to see such differences. A child may have outstanding vocabulary but still find reading to be difficult. Or they could be advanced in math skills but struggle with reading skills.

There are solutions to help you such a child to develop skills to become confident readers.

“B has an excellent memory for experiences, emotions, and attitudes, and she understands complex social issues with a wisdom beyond her years. Her vocabulary has been precocious since she could utter her first word,… But at six and a half, B struggles with reading.”

My Gifted Child Can’t Read: Finding Help with Nessy Reading and Spelling Ginny at Not so Formulaic

Colleen also has a child who is a Twice Exceptional Learner. She’s found MindPlay Literacy to be a good solution for her daughter.

“Twice-exceptional kids don’t want to get beaten over the head with concepts once they’ve gotten them… But, even my seven year old struggling reader can tell it’s working for her. She reminds me on the days that we’re behind schedule, “But Mom, I didn’t do MindPlay yet.

An Online Program for Your 2e Struggling Reader by Colleen at Raising Lifelong Learners

Solutions for Moms Who are Unsure if their Child Has Dyslexia

Moms know their children better than anyone else. Sometimes our “mom-senses” just know when something makes sense for our child. Recognizing the need for evaluation can be key to finding just the right solution.

“When I found out about Lexercise’s online dyslexia testing, I immediately called Josh to the computer to take the free screening.”

Homeschooling with Dyslexia by Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

If you are wondering if your child shows symptoms of dyslexia,  take the free, online screener from Lexercise.

“I figured it probably had every child who took it not pass and then need the full evaluation. Well I was wrong. There was a group of online bloggers who had their children take the screener. Out of the group, only two of us had children who did not pass the initial test and need the full evaluation.”

Maureen at Spell Outloud also shares her experience Dyslexia and Lexercise.

Are you a mom who is homeschooling a child with dyslexia? We’d love to hear what you’ve discovered to be top solutions for your family. Share what’s working for you in the comments below.


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