10 Reasons to Try a Lapbook

10 Reasons Why You Should Try a Lapbook

You don’t have to do a lapbook to call yourself a homeschooler, but you might be missing out. Look at these 10 reasons why you should try a lapbook.

1. A lapbook is an encased unit study.

A unit study is without limits to learning and a lapbook is the perfect way to showcase mini books on topics that interests your child.

2. Lapbooks are ideal for hands-on learners.

Though not all children like crafts, all children benefit from a hands-on approach to learning. By not just taking information in through their mind, children can organize information in a visually appealing way, like accordion folds, wheel shaped and tabbed books.

3. Lapbooks are an inspiring way to review.

When your child interacts with mini books, which are chock full of information, review is not dry or boring. Retention and reviewing in a natural setting comes from interacting with the material or items stored in pockets like the shed skin of a snake my son found when studying about reptiles.

4. Lapbooks are not daunting when a child hates crafts.

Creativity and imagination are part of a well-rounded education. And though I have a son or two that runs from projects that calls for creativity or crafts, they will tackle a lapbook because it’s not overwhelming. Each boys’ unique creativity can be shown through a lapbook.

5. Lapbooks can satisfy a crafty itch.

Having multiple children, you know that among them you will have one or two kids that could do crafts all day and one or two that would prefer to read about an activity and move on. Satisfying any type of learner, a lapbook can include art and crafts or can just be an oversized folded report packed with information. Presentation is completely up to the child.

6. Lapbooks are for children who want to master their material.

Many homeschooled children are bright and gifted. Instead of following a set curriculum, lapbooks can challenge a gifted learner who prefers to dive into a topic more thoroughly. Some kids just do not need a lot of review and they can prove mastery on a topic by displaying what they have learned in a lapbook.

7. Lapbooks can be a collaborative project.

If the thought of multiple lapbooks makes you shudder with stress, then don’t do multiple lapbooks. Many of our lapbooks are a collaborative effort like our American Civil War lapbook, which is several file folders fitted together.

How to Make Learning Stick

Each child adds things he learned to one giant lapbook. Your older children recall and review basic material that their younger siblings added and your younger children have new concepts introduced in the lapbook by their older siblings.

8. Lapbooks are memory makers.

Stored worksheets from past years of homeschooling don’t even come close to competing with lapbooks made by each of my sons.

When my sons look back over their work, they don’t pull out their worksheets. Lapbooks are as unique as each child’s personality. It’s hard to get that same feeling of accomplishment from a worksheet.

9. Lapbooks can be created to meet required record keeping.

If you live in an area where record keeping is required, you know it can be difficult to keep records each year.

A lapbook is the perfect tool to demonstrate mastery of material, which meets educational standards. It is not only flexible because your child can add as much material as he wants, but material can be stored to show objectives that were met in your homeschool.

10. Lapbooks can fit delayed learners or the youngest learner.

If you are homeschooling a special needs child or a young learner, then a lapbook can be filled with more visuals and simple information.

For example, when studying about the Amazon Rainforest, my oldest sons learned about animal cells while my youngest son learned the A to Zs of the animals of the rainforest through picture cards.

Lapbooks are one of the most versatile tools to use when homeschooling and most lapbooks require just a few supplies to get started.

Make lapbooks fit your homeschool style, your budget, and likes and dislikes. You won’t regret trying one or two!

Tina Robertson

About the author

Tina Robertson celebrated the graduation of Mr. Senior in 2013 and Mr. Awesome in 2015. Because of her love for new homeschoolers, she mentors moms through her unique program called New Bee Homeschoolers. She loves all homeschoolers, though, as she shares her free 7 Step Curriculum Planner, unit studies, lapbooks and homeschooling how-tos. She can't sing, dance, or craft, but she counts organizing as a hobby.

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