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Yes. You CAN teach homeschool science! You aren’t scared are you? Many of you are.

Do you avoid teaching science in your homeschool? Do you delegate it to your spouse or to co-op? Why?

Many people think of science as complicated or just plain yucky. They have visions of mathematical formulas, unpronounceable names, and dissecting frogs. Science is much more than that. Science is in our everyday life. It’s all around us. You are using it and are alive because of it right now.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN teach homeschool science. Not only can you teach homeschool science, but when you realize how simple science actually is, you might even grow to appreciate and like science!

Start Simple

If you are a bit nervous teaching homeschool science, don’t start out with a complicated curriculum that will take a lot of prep work and understanding on your part. Start out with something simple.   

When we first started homeschooling, I wanted the kids to love science and not get bogged down in the details. We spent that first year doing simple experiments in experiment books we found in the library. (You can’t go wrong with books by Janice Van Cleave.) The kids loved the hand-on activity and seeing the results of their projects.

You Can Teach Homeschool Science - iHomeschool Network

Usually, the experiment books have a short explanation of the concepts behind the experiments. For the first years, that is usually good enough. But of course, if your kids want to learn more, hit the library again for more books on that particular subject.

Another simple science option is going for a scripted, all-in-one box curriculum. Just open the book and go. All you need in right there. No need to be a science expert.

Get Outside

A great way to teach homeschool science is to simply leave the house. Step into the backyard and you’ve got a ton of nature study options right there. Weather, soil, plants, insects, birds….it’s all science!

You CAN Teach Homeschool Science

Whether you are in your backyard, in the woods, at the beach, or at the park, all you need is your observation skills and a few tools. I pack a science bag with a few items we might need our excursion.

  • binoculars
  • magnifying glass
  • field guides
  • collection jar
  • sketch pad
  • pencils

When you get back from your trip outside, figure out what piqued your children’s interest and then dive in deeper with books from the library, you tube videos, and other online resources.

Learn With Your Kids

I have a degree in science and I still learn so much right along with my kids everyday. I read the same text as the kids and try to answer the study questions just like the kids do. When I don’t know an answer, the kids see me look it up. They see me learning and enjoying it.

Homeschooling is not only a great way to teach children science at home, but is an opportunity to teach kids to love to learn so that they never stop! Letting kids see you learning and enjoying the process teaches them how to be life long learners.That’s important because there is always more to learn.

Join A Co-op

Co-ops are wonderful ways for homeschool students to learn from other parents and instructors that may have more experience in a subject area or at least have a higher comfort level teaching that subject.

Science is probably the number one reason co-ops are formed and the number one class kids take in a co-op setting. So, a homeschool science co-op class shouldn’t be hard to find.

Try An Online/DVD Courses

If teaching science on your own is just too far out of your comfort zone, consider an online or DVD course. There are lots of good options available in almost every area of science.

These courses allow your child to get instruction from someone else, but you have control of the grading and the experiments (which is the fun part anyway). This will take the pressure and stress off of you!

Just Do It!

See, I told you. You CAN teach homeschool science. Choose the method that fits your style. Jump in and have fun!

You CAN teach homeschool science


Marci Goodwin

About the author

Marci Goodwin's goal is to take the fear out of and put the fun into homeschool science.

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  1. Science is simply fascinating! I always LOVED science in homeschool. 🙂 You can find some really great curricula to help with teaching (Apologia being my favorite). Also, co-ops are an awesome idea for high school students for when it comes to more complicated materials that you can’t quite find around the house. 😉

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