10 Chapter Books for Enjoying with Your Boys

10 Chapter Books for Enjoying with Your Boys | @iHomeschoolNet | #ihsnet

Ready to start the habit of reading aloud in your family? Do you have boys who just aren’t that interested in books? Take a look at some of our favorite chapter books that my boys love. (Girl moms, don’t fret! My daughter enjoys these as well!)
My Father’s Dragon
In this adventure that has delighted children for years, Elmer Elevator sets out to free a baby dragon who has been captured by the animals of Wild Island.
We read this when my boys were 4 years old — the first night, I ended up reading three chapters, and the children still begged for more. This classic by Ruth Stiles Gannett is a must for your library.

Indian in the Cupboard
It all started with a birthday present that Omri didn’t want: a small plastic Indian that was no use to him at all. But an old wooden cupboard and a special key brought his unusual toy to life, and strange and wonderful things began to happen.

How to Train Your Dragon series
Ever read a book after seeing the movie, and thinking, ‘Well, this is so much better!”

How to Train Your Dragon is one of those, for sure. My boys and Rachel would list this as one of their very favorites. We’ve enjoyed How to Train Your Dragon, How to Be a Pirate, and we’re currently working on How to Break a Dragon’s Curse.

For you Doctor Who fans, the audio version is narrated by David Tennant.

Harry Potter series
Years ago, I enjoyed the Harry Potter series with my oldest daughter, often staying up late into the night for ‘just one more chapter!’

Now, it warms my heart to see and hear my younger children enjoying these books again. My daughter Rachel has read the entire series, and I’ll often find them gathered around our Amazon Echo to listen to one of the books. The narration by Jim Dale is superb.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Ralph is not like the other mice at the Mountain View Inn. He is always looking for adventure. It is Ralph’s lucky day when a young guest named Keith arrives with a shiny miniature motorcycle. Right away, Ralph knows that the motorcycle is special – and made to be ridden by an adventurous mouse. And once a mouse can ride a motorcycle…almost anything can happen!

The Boxcar Children
Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny, four orphaned siblings, suddenly appear in a small town. The children make a home for themselves in an abandoned red boxcar they discover in the woods. Ambitious and resourceful, the plucky children make a happy life for themselves – until Violet gets too sick for her brothers and sister to care for her

Frog and Toad series
My sons dissolve into a pile of giggles every single time my husband reads these stories.

Frog and Toad, those famous pals, are beloved by generations of children. Their every adventure is filled with the magic of true friendship, whether they’re telling ghost stories, searching for a lost button, or eating too many cookies.

Dr. Doolittle
Polynesia the parrot, Jip the dog, Too-Too the owl, Dab-Dab the duck, Gub-Gub the pig, Chee-Chee the monkey and many other animals accompany Dr. Doolittle on his adventures in England, Africa and on the High Seas.

This enthralling tale is jam-packed with the things we long for in a great adventure: danger, laughter, hairbreadth escapes, tragedy, mystery, a touch of wonder, a truly despicable villain, and a hero we can take to heart.

Half Magic
Half Magic is the uproarious tale of four siblings who discover a charm that grants exactly half of whatever they wish for–with results that are twice as predictable (and hilarious) as you might expect.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Want to laugh along with your little ones?

The 1938 classic tells the story of Mr. Popper, the small-town house painter who dreamed of exploring Antarctic regions, and Captain Cook, the redoubtable penguin who turned Mr. Popper’s world upside down

The Hobbit
Like every other hobbit, Bilbo Baggins likes nothing better than a quiet evening in his snug hole in the ground, dining on a sumptuous dinner in front of a fire. But when a wandering wizard captivates him with tales of the unknown, Bilbo becomes restless. Soon he joins the wizard’s band of homeless dwarves in search of giant spiders, savage wolves, and other dangers

The Castle in the Attic
William has just received the best present of his life – an old, real-looking stone and wooden model of a castle, with a drawbridge, a moat, and a miniature knight to guard the gates. William can’t wait to play with the castle – he’s certain there’s something magical about it. When he picks up the tiny silver knight, it comes alive in his hand!

Dragon Rider
Firedrake, a young dragon, receives a frightening warning one night: Humans are planning to destroy the valley in which he lives! All the dragons must flee. Their only refuge is a place above the clouds called the Rim of Heaven, which may not even exist.

All of these are also available on Audible. It’s the perfect solution to reading aloud when you’re too busy to sit down, or when you want a break. We listen in the car, at lunch, and even at bedtime. Give it a try!

What are your favorite read alouds for boys?
I’d love to add to my list!

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  1. Great list of books!! We have already read several, but I’m adding the others to our reading list! #LaughLearnLinkup

  2. Right now we are working our way through Adventures in Oddyssey “Imagination Station” books. They are good! I really want to try the Henty books too!

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