Homeschool Planet: Online Homeschool Planner Review

I received a free subscription and compensation from Homeschool Buyers Co-op/Homeschool Planet in exchange for my time and review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Are you looking for a homeschool planner that has everything you need in one place?  Look no more, Homeschool Planet is the perfect all-in-one online homeschool planner that allows you to plan your homeschool curriculum, family schedules, and more.

Homeschool Planet: Online Homeschool Planner Review

Homeschool Planet allows you to schedule multiple students, and subjects. Grading is made easy and right at your fingertips, you may also reschedule assignments right from the dashboard.  Syncing other calendars (Google Calendar) to Homeschool Planet is another feature that is a bonus, you can have all of your calendars in the Homeschool Planet calendar/dashboard. If you are a busy mom like me you can appreciate all of the help and user-friendly dashboard options that this planner has to offer.

Homeschool Planet is mobile as well. Access your planner on your smart phone and see which assignment needs to be completed next, or input a grade. You can access your planner from any mobile device that has an internet browser, you can then bookmark and save to your home screen, this gives you the ability to have your calendar right where you need it most, at your fingertips.  This will solve the problem of having multiple calendar’s and planner’s that many of us have.

I have been a subscriber of Homeschool Planet for at least two years and I will continue to subscribe to this easy user-friendly planner for many more to come. It is by far the easiest planner I have ever used.

Features of Homeschool Planner 

  • Customized School Year calendar 
    • Homeschool Planet gives you full customization of your school year.
    • You choose when your school year will begin and end.
    • You may add or remove holiday’s that you wish to observe, some are already available in a drop down menu to make it easy.
    • Vacations can be customized and added.
    • Total school days added will be displayed so you will know where you may need to add or remove a day, or know how many days you need to complete your school year.
  • Add Multiple Students and Family Members
    • Each student or family member will each have their own profile. Each profile can be setup with the ability to be logged into with an assigned password from the administrator so they can change assignments, grades, mark assignments complete and much more.
    • You may add the students email addresses or cell phone numbers to their profile, this allows for daily assignment digests to be sent directly to them in their inbox.
  • Attendance Tracker 
    • In the students profile you are able to auto track student attendance for the full school year.
    • You have the ability to mark a student as absent and reschedule the assignments for that day. You can reschedule these assignments using the reschedule helper.
    • You may print attendance records for each student.
    • You may also track class minutes or hours.
  • Assignments and Lesson Planning
    • In the students profile you can assign or create a subject.
    • Click on the student profile you want to add the subject to. Click the subject you want to plan, you may add a description for this class.
    • Choose the student/students. You may assign when this subject should be completed. (daily, every other day, weekly, and so forth)
    • Choose a start day, you may choose to pick an end date for this subject or not assign an end date.
    • The calendar will then auto populate with the days and automatically show the dates assigned,  you are able to then plan each day with links, notes, and resources.
    • You have the ability to add links to an outside website for your students to click-through for an assignment.
    • You may also upload a file or document for the lessons that the child will need to read or complete. This is great for attaching spelling lists, readers, and more.
  • Grading- 
    • Grading can be done by groups or by individual subjects.
    • You may customize weighted grades and scale to be used.
    • If you missed a grade the grading helper will pull those grades that are missed and allow you to grade everything in one place at one time.
  • Printable Reports-
    • You have the ability to print transcripts, grades, attendance records, notes, and class hours.
    • Weekly assignment lists can be printed for each student in color or black and white.
    • Parent/Teacher can print all students weekly assignments.

The print abilities of Homeschool Planet are wonderful for homeschoolers that need to report hours, grades, and more to their local or state board of education. All reports will auto pull so you do not need to create the document, it is all done for you. You do have the ability to add or delete grades  from the transcripts.

  • Widgets- 
    • Widgets are accessible in the sidebar and footer of Homeschool Planet.
    • You may customize the widgets.
    • Widgets available are: weather, bible verses, quotes, to-do lists, grocery lists, and more.
    • Themes may be changes as well in the settings tab.

This video will show you a quick overview of the features I love about Homeschool Planet. Homeschool Planet’s customer service is quick to respond with any questions or help that you may need. They are always looking for user feedback to make Homeschool Planet an even better planner than what it already is.

I personally appreciate Homeschool Planet as a homeschool mom. I struggled to find the right planner for our homeschool, that is until I found Homeschool Planet. This planner has solved many problems I have had in the past with planners. I needed something that would print transcripts, grades, and assignment lists. I needed the ability to reschedule assignments without messing up an entire written schedule. Homeschool Planet  has been my saving grace, it has taken the stress out of my planning. I know it can do the same for you!

You can sign up for a free 30 day free trial of Homeschool Planet here.

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