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We all want our children to become independent learners, but how do we get there? One publisher that thought about this problem is Heron Books. Their newest collection of science materials, the Young Scientist series, consists of independent science unit studies for homeschoolers. This means that your kids can work on their science completely unaided, at their own pace.

Engaging science unit studies

Heron Books have been around for over 45 years, creating engaging educational materials for everyone.

“We want books that create real engagement. […]We want students doing things, interacting with the world around them, putting information into action. “

— Heron Books

Young Scientist from Heron Books is a science series aimed at children aged 9-12. These packages come in units, each treating a different science topic: The Human Body; Microscopes; Light Bulbs, Switches and Batteries; Plants; Circulation of the Blood.

Every set has a student guide and a journal besides the main textbook. Because Young Scientist materials are aimed at the student, children’s can learn independently, with minimal help from adults.

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Young Scientist from Heron Books

  • aimed at the student
  • no prep needed
  • encourages independent learning
  • self-paced, no lesson planning needed
  • hands-on learning to spark curiosity and exploration
  • beautiful, illustrated textbooks
  • accessible information

There are two ways you can use Young Scientist in your homeschool: as unit studies or as a full science curriculum. If your kids are interested in a certain science subject, you can buy the respective unit study. If you want to transform this into a full curriculum, get the whole package of all the unit studies.

Independent unit-study approach

Young Scientist series is a perfect blend of science unit studies and a self-paced curriculum that’s very easy to implement at home and requires no work from the parent. This is why parents love this unique approach, where the learning power is in the hands of children.

“One awesome and rather unexpected thing about these Young Scientist Series units is how they promote independent learning and self-paced science exploration through activities and experiments. In my 13+ years of homeschooling, I’ve learned that independence and activities don’t usually co-exist in daily homeschool life. That’s why it’s a pleasant surprise to discover a curriculum that combines the two.”

– Emily, Table Life Blog

“I was pleasantly surprised once we received the material, how well organized and planned out it was. This is huge for me, as a working mom, homeschooling multiple kids, I need a curriculum that helps, not hinders.”

– Ashlee, Dash of Home

“If you dislike teaching homeschool science,
these Heron Books are the ones you need. There is literally no set-up, no preparation. Just give the kids the books and leave them to it.”

– Clare, Homeschool of 1

“I was able to open up the Take A Closer Look! book and the corresponding Student Learning Guide and get my grandson working on his own in a very short amount of time. He had never seen a microscope and was super excited to get to work with one!

Having a clear checklist style method of working through the book was an easy way for him to be more independent and to work at his own pace.

– Heidi, The Curriculum Choice

Young Scientist Series is fun and attractive

These books feel more like illustrated books than textbooks and the colorful illustrations and many diagrams appeal to children and parents alike. Kids have fun while using high-quality materials that spark their inner curiosity and keep them engaged.

You truly are transposed into the Heron Books’ world of learning naturally, beautifully and we love it! […]

The Circulation of the Blood kit is full of information that goes deeper than a regular textbook, but the way it’s presented is very accessible even for more reluctant learners.

The rich illustrations draw kids in, and the many diagrams and labeled drawings help them commit the information to memory. This kit is targeting all the senses and all types of learners and I highly recommend it for all families who struggle with science.”

– Laura, The Monkey and Mom

“We had plenty of fun using our microscope, but it wasn’t until we went through the Take A Closer Look homeschool science study from Heron Books that we actually learned what we were doing! […]

My daughter was thrilled to learn how to prepare her own slide. When she saw her own hair follicle under the microscope she was ecstatic!”

– Christy, PK1 Kids

“The Young Scientist Series
books are gorgeous, full-color resources. Text on each page includes a thorough coverage of the topic without overwhelming the student with reading material.”

– Lynna, Your Large Family Homeschool


Young Scientist from Heron Books is an accessible program suitable for a variety of ages and perfect to boost kids’ confidence and independence in learning and researching.

“I love the way this homeschool anatomy curriculum takes complicated concepts and explains them in simple and age-appropriate language for kids to understand. The recommended grade level for the curriculum is 4th-6th grades. However, my 2nd grader was able to read the book independently[…].”

– Sarah, Homeschooling 4 Him

“We did enjoy this secular science curriculum, and how it introduced us to energy and electricity as we studied Light Bulbs, Switches and Batteries.
My young engineer has been interested in more physical science but it has been a challenge to find a truly introductory unit, and this Young Scientist Series unit provided just what we needed. “

– Cynthia, Inside Our Normal

“As a homeschool mom with 3
kids who works as well, this curriculum was perfect for us. It allowed me to make sure the topic was covered well, my daughter could work on her own without my help, and it’s super affordable. […] I don’t say this lightly, but so far it’s one of our favorite homeschool science curriculums.”

– Candice, A Touch of Homeschooling


About the author

Laura is a homeschool mom from Europe, raising a STEM-gifted boy.
Homeschooling a gifted kid is sometimes difficult, but seeing her son flourish in this environment is worth it.
Over at Monkey and Mom she wants to help homeschool families from around the world find the best materials by testing them out in her homeschool.

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