3 Reasons Not to Skimp on Art and Crafts in Your Preschool

Purposely setting aside time for arts and crafts with your preschooler can seem futile and wasteful. Craft times can get messy, and of course, there is always the issue of where to store or display the craft projects. And we can admit that completing a craft with your child as a homeschool mom will not garner much praise or appreciation.

3 Reasons Not to Skimp on Arts and Crafts in Preschool

So, why make crafts with your preschooler a priority when you have laundry to do, meals to prepare, or lessons to teach your older children? I’m glad you asked. Today I am sharing three reasons to remain intentional about working on crafts with your littlest learners.

Benefits of Weaving Arts and Crafts Into Your Homeschool Preschool

Doing Crafts Encourages Creativity in Preschoolers

Doing arts and crafts with your preschoolers is a wonderful way to nurture your child’s creativity. The days leading up to this past Mother’s Day were some of the sweetest days ever.

My children spent their free time planning their Mother’s Day surprise. I could hear them whispering about the banner and cards they would design for me. They were thrilled to use their creativity to express their love and appreciation. So remember, you are bolstering your child’s lifelong love of creativity when you incorporate time for art and crafts.

Completing Craft Projects Will Build Confidence

We know that through crafts, preschoolers can learn to follow instructions, boost their problem-solving skills, and develop their fine motor skills. In addition to all this, they build confidence.

As children see their finished work, they feel fulfillment and accomplishment. This feeling of achievement encourages them to try new things and helps them to develop positive esteem.

Craft Time is Great for Bonding with Children

Whether painting, working with molding clay, or simply cutting and pasting, preschool crafts are a great way to let your child’s imagination run wild. And the best part is you get to work beside your child in it all.

By working together on a preschool craft project, you get those moments to engage and bond with your child.

Spark fun conversations around your creative project. Have you included them in planning the craft? Maybe you’ve read a delightful picture book together. Ask the child about ideas of things you could make related to the story. For example, we made adorable Storybook Peg Dolls after reading some of our favorite picture books.

Make Time for Crafts With Your Preschooler

If you’re looking for a way to boost your preschooler’s confidence and creativity while bonding with them, look no further than craft time. Make sure crafting is a priority in your home by carving out some time each week or month to do something fun and creative with your little one. What crafts will you make together?

Ashley Sparks

About the author

Ashley is a cop turned homeschooling mom of three from South Florida. She runs The Purposeful Nest blog where she shares resources for homeschool moms and preschool educators.

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