Instagram for the Homeschool Mom

Instagram, when used wisely, can be another helpful tool in your homeschool mom tool belt. May it give you the information, inspiration, or connection you need, exactly when you need it.

Homeschool Strewing

Just by itself homeschooling can make everyday learning rich and interesting, but homeschool strewing is the sprinkles on the cake! Strewing is allowing your child to discover something you have casually left out for them to find.

Practical Tips On How To Homeschool Your Hands-on Child

Do you have a child is always on the move and enjoys hands-on activities and play-acting? Homeschooling your hands-on learner also known as a kinesthetic learner can be difficult at first, but it gets better when we change our mindset on how we think “school” should look like in our “home” school.

5 Ways to Get Started With Coding For Homeschoolers

I, EEME Dad, make hands-on kits to teach kids robotics, electronics and coding. Here are my thoughts on how to teach kids coding. As an infant, we learned our first language by speaking as soon as possible. We slurred our words. We spoke the wrong phrases. But that’s...

Educational Ways to Celebrate Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day

July 10th is the official Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day, a whimsical celebration of our childhood stuffed toys, based on the popular children’s song. Round up your friends – real and stuffed – and use these ideas for an educational day of fun!

10 Ways to Make National Ice Cream Day Educational

No matter how you like your ice cream–on a cone, in a bowl, or straight from the carton– National Ice Cream Day has found the perfect place in the middle of summer. So celebrate it! Share a scoop with your kids and take the fun further with these educational activities on summer’s second best holiday!

Helping Homeschooled Kids Develop a Love of Reading

With such benefits to reading, it is natural that homeschoolers feel pressure to make sure kids don’t fall behind. This can lead to aggressive use of flashcards and reading logs. Unfortunately, this can destroy the love of reading and end up hurting rather than helping our kids.