Embracing a Relaxed Homeschooling Lifestyle

There’s no doubt about it - I love my freedom! I’m a bohemian in some ways and I love to try doing things differently - which is why I was drawn to homeschooling over ten years ago. One of the things home education affords my family is the opportunity to be flexible...

Socialization – Doing It Right In Our Homeschool

“You homeschool? What about socialization?” We’ve all heard it, those dreaded words of scrutiny uttered from every doubting Thomas in our lives. This is likely the most infamous question asked of homeschool families. So, what about socialization? As homeschoolers, we...

How to Make Math Meaningful in Your Homeschool

Whether your children love or hate math, it’s a necessary subject. Many children don’t understand its necessity, though, and continually ask the question, “When will I ever use this in real life?” We can help our children understand the answer to that question when we make math meaningful by connecting it to real life.

5 School Skills for Toddlers

Toddler learning is all about play, exploring the world, and having fun. Keep the fun while getting your little one ready for homeschooling! Build these 5 school skills for toddlers into your everyday play.

How I Find Time to Read as a Busy Homeschool Mom

Maybe you have not found the time to read as a busy homeschool mom. I get it. Last year I put my foot down and carved out time for me to read. In fact, I set a lofty goal of a book a week. And I surpassed that goal. I learned a lot from reading a book a week, and I am excited to share six practical tips with you.

5 Practical Ways to Simplify Your Homeschool

It’s exciting to take the reins on our children’s education. Unfortunately, though, that adrenaline we feel at the beginning all too often causes us to take on too much, too soon Homeschooling doesn’t have to be about busyness, chaos, and stress. Here are 5 practical ways to simplify your homeschool.

Homeschool History With Netflix

There is something special about video that helps bring a subject to life. That’s why I love to use video streaming services, like Netflix, as a supplemental resource in our curriculum. It’s super helpful to have such a wealth of educational entertainment at my fingertips.

Spring is in the Air Homeschool Facebook Party

After a long winter are you beginning to feel spring fever coming on? Kids are anxious to be outside, moms are anxious for the homeschool year to be drawing to a close. Spring is the season when we are all hoping to finish lessons as we look forward to summer break....

When Choosing a Homeschool Method Goes Wrong

While it can be helpful, especially when first beginning your homeschool journey, to have an ideology to guide you as you purchase curriculum and plan your day. But, sometimes holding to a homeschool method goes wrong.

6 Habits for Cultivating Kindness in Your Homeschool

Noticing and assisting others can help grow kinder kids who mature into kinder adults. This isn’t just good for the world – it’s good for our kids. Being kind can actually affect how their brains develop! Here are 6 ways you can cultivate kindness in your kids.

Hands-On Learning Is Not “Less Than”

Although there may be a perception that hands-on learning is somehow “less than” other, more traditional methods, this is just simply not true for many learners. If your child needs an out-of-the-box, more hands-on approach, go with it. It will make learning easier and more fun for both of you!

Explore The Meaning Of Easter Using Dramatic Play

There are so many Easter craft ideas and worksheets to be found online, but using dramatic play in learning can be a more effective (and fun!) way of teaching. I’ve put together some of my favorite ideas for using dramatic play to celebrate Easter, using puppets, role play and more.