50 Things To Add To Your Spring Bucket List

As a lifelong New Englander, one of my favorite things to experience is the transition from winter to spring.

As the days lengthen and the sun shines brighter, we open our windows and turn our faces toward the sun. Everyone is happier, lighter. There is an energy that is hard to describe unless you, too, have survived a long winter.

Some years, spring takes longer to appear here. You wait, desperate and impatient, for some sign that it is coming but you find yourself wearing winter boots, sludging through snow, on your way to Easter mass.

Creating a Spring Bucket List during February and March is a wonderful way to stave off those late winter blahs! It gives you hope for a sunnier, happier future.

50 Things To Add To Your Spring Bucket List

In our homeschool, we love to create a Spring Bucket List and see how many items we can cross off. Today, I am sharing our Spring Bucket List. We cannot wait to start crossing off items!

  1. Open those windows and let the fresh air inside.
  2. Give each of your children a box and ask them to fill it up with donation items. Spring is a perfect time to organize a bit!
  3. Grab a backpack, fill it with fun, and go on a family hike.
  4. Make the most of those spring showers by dancing in the rain…
  5. … or try puddle hopping!
  6. Read a book in the sunshine.
  7. Go camping.
  8. Give the kids a bucket, some soap, and the hose. Let them wash your car- they’ll have a blast!
  9. Fly a kite.
  10. Go birdwatching!
  11. Visit an outdoor museum, sculpture park, or botanical garden.
  12. Decorate your driveway with chalk art.
  13. Build a fantastic fort!
  14. Feed the ducks.
  15. Pick wildflowers.
  16. Find a caterpillar, or order online, and watch it transform into a butterfly.
  17. Make every day Earth Day! Grab a trash bag and some gloves and pick up litter.
  18. Mix up your own bubble juice and enjoy some gigantic bubbles!
  19. Play hopscotch or foursquare.
  20. Visit a National Park.
  21. Have a picnic! Food tastes better outdoors.
  22. Walk on the grass barefoot.
  23. Lay on the grass and watch the clouds roll by.
  24. Plant something that you can enjoy all spring and summer long.
  25. Visit your favorite playgrounds.
  26. Make a fairy garden.
  27. Go mini-golfing!
  28. Visit your local farmer’s market and pick up ingredients for dinner.
  29. Catch a frog.
  30. Try letterboxing or geocaching.
  31. Go on a bike ride.
  32. Make mudpies!
  33. Visit the beach before it gets crowded. Beaches are beautiful in spring!
  34. Visit your favorite Nature Conservation Center.
  35. Go to a drive-in movie theater.
  36. Make bird feeders.
  37. Paint al fresco!
  38. Create an obstacle course in your backyard, grab a stopwatch, and see who can finish the course the fastest!
  39. Plan a tree study and watch the changes. Spring is the best time to start!
  40. Visit your local farm or nursery.
  41. Gather around the firepit and roast some s’mores.
  42. Stargaze.
  43. Have a stone skipping contest.
  44. Climb a tree.
  45. Eat an ice cream cone outside!
  46. Create an outdoor scavenger hunt!
  47. Run a road race as a family.
  48. Play a game in the backyard as a family.
  49. Attend an outdoor concert.
  50. Throw the first BBQ of the season!

What is on your Spring Bucket List this year? Share here!

Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley

About the author

Cait is a school psychologist, mom to three children, and an unexpected homeschooler. Cait believes homeschooling *can* be almost all fun and games!

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  1. We used to live in Michigan. The winters also seem to never end. Lists like this gave us something to look forward to. Now we live in the south and just made a list of Fun Things to do to Stay Cool.

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