Feed Their Curiosity: Crustacean Celebration

Feed Their Curiosity: Crustacean Celebration

Do you notice when summer comes around we are more willing to allow our kids to follow their curiosity?  

Maybe it’s the longer days or that time seems to move more slowly.

We all loosen up.

We start to encourage them to let their interests lead them…if only so we can catch up on a new book in the sun or finally finish painting the master bedroom that has been left unfinished for nearly 3 years now.  {okay- maybe that’s just me-sigh}

Not only do we relax around schedules and embrace delight driven exploration and more free play in the summer, special opportunities present themselves that might not during the regular school year.

Why? Because you find time to get away on a family vacation!

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Family vacations for homeschoolers might look different than others-only because we embrace the idea that learning happens all the time.

I’ve been known to pack lots of things that make learning and creativity happen on vacation.

An extremely delicious and summery way to capture and stimulate natural curiosity, is to throw a Crustacean Celebration!  Open up your child’s palate and sea creature understanding this summer with a feast of Arthropodic proportions!

Crustaceans and Mollusks, Biology 101

Here’s just some of the interesting information you can share while feasting on these little beasties:

  • Arthropods are invertebrate animals that have an exoskeleton, a segmented body and appendages.
  • Crustaceans include crabs, crayfish, lobsters and shrimp.
  • Those exoskeletons are shed when a crustacean grows.
  • Mollusks include both cephalopods and bivalves.
  • Mollusks are soft-bodied invertebrates and most, lucky for our celebration, are edible.
  • What can you sample? Octopus, squid or clams, oysters or mussels.

Natural curiosity only needs support to take off. After reading some good books, see what sounds interesting {and tasty} to your family.  Perhaps you have already sampled shrimp but what about crabs?  Maybe the adults are the only ones that have tried clams but the youngsters might like a taste this time around.  Before you begin the dinner prep, take some time to really examine what you are going to be eating later.

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This doesn’t have to happen only if you are seaside, either.  Or even on a getaway.  This would also be perfect for a staycation! Perhaps a visit to the fishmonger or nearby restaurant will give you and your kids a taste of something different this summer.

Discovery learning can happen anywhere but can be especially fun on vacation this summer!

Take advantage of that natural curiosity and sample something new.  I think you will find it tastes delicious.

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About the author

Heather Weller is the homeschooling momma to three little people who keep her days active and full. Heather endeavors to connect with other mothers who want to simplify, add fun to their days and enjoy their kids. Life is too short to spend time not loving it! When she isn’t running after her 3 year old, you can find her reading, running (alone), dancing, and gardening--especially in the summertime! She loves to eat food other people cook, drink hot things after bedtime is through and document life in her bullet journal .

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