5 Wonderful Ways to Have Homeschool Fun This Week!

5 Wonderful Ways to Have Homeschool Fun This Week!

Are you tired of the homeschool blahs? Want to add some giggles and glee to your homeschooling adventures? Sweet! Homeschool fun can help your homeschool shine with shared special moments that lead to lifelong memories for you and your kids. What is homeschool fun? Is it just fluff?

No! Homeschool fun is an excellent way to boost learning in your homeschool. It’s a way to discover and develop new interests and skills. I like to think of homeschool fun as supplemental with a side of smile 🙂

Homeschool Fun: Be the Cool Mom!

Homeschooling can feel so overwhelming. And lonely. And scary.

But, it doesn’t have to be!

You can enjoy learning at home with your kids. Yes, it’s okay to let go and create space for learning fun. You won’t be ruining your kids’ educations. You will be meeting your kids where they are and creating an atmosphere where kids love to learn!

Homeschool fun is about creating special connections with your kids through relaxed activities that provide opportunities for communication, collaboration, and cooperation. Academics can feel pressured and stressful. Learning with homeschool fun lightens that load through select breaks in your homeschool day.

5 Ways to Add Homeschool Fun to Your Week

In addition to homeschool morning time and brain breaks, here are five wonderful ways that you can include homeschool fun this week:

1.  Daily Doodle Prompts

If you are new to doodle prompts, then you are in for a treat! Invite your kids to participate in these simple and relaxed drawing fun activities. Don’t be surprised when you see their creativity and imagination unleashed!

2.  Poetry Tea Time

Create precious memories for your kids with poetry tea times. Keep it simple and sweet with just a select poem or two and even a store-bought treat. Concoct a delicious brew of hot chocolate or lemonade to enjoy with the beautiful pairing of melodious words. No need for an elaborate spread or perfect setting. The act of poetry tea time in itself is typically enough to encourage delight in your homeschool day.

3.  Relaxed Art Activities

Another excellent way to easily add homeschool fun to your day is with relaxed art activities. Chalk pastels have been an incredibly amazing way to include art in our homeschool week with ages preschool through high school. Let Tricia and Nana gently guide your crew through the world of chalk pastels and help your homeschool enjoy the art process.

4.  Games

Have you heard of gameschooling? It is such a magical way to combine learning and fun! Cait of My Little Poppies shares a wealth of tips and tricks for helping you intentionally use games in your homeschool week.

5.  Homeschool Fun Calendars

The #1 way that this homeschool soccer mom to five boys has been able to include daily homeschool fun into our week has been homeschool fun calendars. With easy-to-do daily activities to help you celebrate fun holidays in your homeschool, these calendars can help you make homeschool fun happen.


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Amy Milcic helps you make life & learning fun. She loves to share resources, tips, & pep talks full of creativity, positivity, & fun. Let's get pumped up about homeschooling!

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