5 Homeschool Pi Day Activities

5 Homeschool Pi Day Activities

Pi is the magical (or mathematical) number that represents the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. Pi is the same for every single circle. Therefore, if you know the circumference of a circle, you can find the diameter, and vice versa. While Pi has been estimated for thousands of years, Archimedes is the first to gain credit for finding the correct number (3.14). However, Pi is more than just 3 numbers! In fact, Pi is thought to be an infinite number. Mathematicians have not found an end to the number Pi.

People like to celebrate Pi Day. What is Pi Day? Pi Day is a silly holiday celebrated every year on March 14 (3/14 or 3.14). Many people celebrate it as a day to eat pie and introduce kids to geometry and math. It’s a really fun excuse to celebrate and the best way to celebrate is to throw a Pi Party! Every party needs games and activities, so here are 5 fun activities to make your Pi Party a blast.

5 Homeschool Pi Day Activities

1. Pi Food

Mini Raspberry Pi Pies – No party is complete without a fun themed snack! These Pi Pies are sure to hit the spot. If you’d like to make something the kids can help decorate, consider buying the Pi cookie cutter and letting them decorate.

2. Art Projects

There is always room for art at a party, including a Pi Party! You can keep it simple and decorate circles or add some excitement with these fun Pi Art Projects:

  • Make a city skyline using graph paper and the numbers from Pi!
  • Make a Pi Day Bracelet! Use different color beads for each number and put them in order.
  • Make a Pi Day collage using buttons and embellishments.

3. Pi Activities

Entertain the kids with some great Pi Day Activities! Every party needs something active and fun. Why not prove Pi or see if you can measure correctly to find Pi?

4. Pi Party Printables

Printables online can make any party easier – including a Pi Day Party. Print these out for some fun and simple Pi Party ideas.

5. Read Pi Books

For all the introverts – Pi books might be the best part of the party. Don’t miss these options for kids to learn a bit more about Pi or just read a great story.

  • Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi – Sir Cumference goes on another math adventure and this time they must solve the riddle that is Pi.
  • Piece of Pi – Investigate Pi in this fantastic set of Pi activities!
  • Pi in the Sky – This novel doesn’t talk a lot about Pi but Pi is involved in the story. Be prepared for a heartfelt journey of an Earth-girl and a Realm-Boy who become inseparable friends and try to stop the destruction of the Earth.


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