Homeschool Science Kits That Make Things Easy for Moms

Get the homeschool science kits that will keep your kids engaged and have them learning a lot. Plus, these are easy for you!

Science. We all want to teach it but sometimes we need an easy, and already pulled together way to do it in order to fit it into our day. I’ve been there. I wanted to show my son how to do a quick experiment but I didn’t have iodine. Another time I didn’t have glycerin on hand.

Homeschool Science Kits That Make Things Easy for Moms

So, to solve this problem of wanting to enjoy science, but either not having a key ingredient or not feeling like digging all around to house to gather up what we need, I went with some kits.

Let me tell you, I am glad I did. Now, obviously this isn’t going to solve your science instruction issues completely, we can wish for something like that though, but it does make things easier on “those days” when things are not going quite as planned.

I found the best science kits for homeschoolers and I think you are really going to like these! I picked selections that are great for families. The suggested ages vary depending on the kit. If you are interested in educational kits beyond science, check out our list of kits that keep giving all year around.

It is best to use the ages as guidelines as I have had older kids really enjoy a kit that was for younger kids and even though some of the kits were over the suggested age level for a young child, he was fascinated and got a lot out of it.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to homeschool families.

Beginner Science Kits

The first one on our list is a beginning science kit meant to be a start to experimenting with science. It includes colorful experiments with a wow factor to them, such as create a sunset in a test-tube (included,) make a color changing volcano. and jiggly crystals to name a few.

This one is a big box full of ideas! It bills itself as a Jumbo science kit and they are right. There are 60+ experiments, a dvd (which is such a great touch,) instruction manual and all the chemicals (yay,) and ingredients needed. The polymers and the magnet ideas look cool. This is a good one which provides a big variety for beginners.

Earth Science Kits

If you have kids who love to dig and explore, then try one of these.

Learn about crystals with this selection that comes with 10 geodes to break open. You do need your own hammer and if more than one child is participating you will need extra safety glasses. These are really nice and there are over 1000 reviews on this kit.

While this also has crystals it is a totally different experience. First you build a volcano and watch it erupt, then you excavate the crystals. Very fun!

Forensics Kit

Do you have a spy on your hands? If so, this one is for you. Kids get to solve two mysteries while learning  to be a forensic scientist. Think of it as a science detective story inside a mystery game.

Robotics Kits

One of my favorite easy, yet engaging (and cheap!) sets is this one. Build a robot or a monster from a can. You supply the can and one AA battery, and they supply everything else.

Another robotics choice is this table top option. It is a great hands-on project and you end up with a working robotic crab that you assembled. It even changes direction when it encounters an obstacle which is a lot of fun to mess around with. You can build an area to run it in and try different obstacles.

Electronics Kits

I am a big fan of Snap Circuits and have the this set which has a lot of awesome projects. We actually have more than one of these kits, that is how much I like them!

If you don’t have one of these sets yet, I would go with the one I linked above. Some of the smaller sets, while still good, really don’t have enough pieces to do a lot with.

If you already have a Snap Circuits set, and want to add to it and get another, try one of these newer sets. The first is the Arcade which allows you to build and play mini-arcade games.

The other one I recommend is new and it is really neat. It allows you to do Snap Circuits in 3D!  With fiber optics, gears and being able to build up, this one is on our want list.

Mechanics Kit

We have several kits by this company and the one I recommend you start with is all about pneumatic hydraulic engines. I like these kits because they come with a lot of parts and you can do more than one variation including rocket car, motor bike, excavator, construction vehicles and more. Click to see them all.

Magnetic Science Kit

There are not a lot of experiments in this magnet kit but they are nicely done. Kids love playing around with magnets and with this one they learn more about magnetic force and how it works. They can float a pencil, levitate a screw, build a maglev and more.

Biology Kit

If you have not tried a butterfly kit, you really should give it a go. Some of you live in an area where you can do this on your own, and if you do, that is great, you really don’t need this kit then. But, if you live somewhere where getting live caterpillars isn’t easy, this one will do the trick as they ship them directly to you. There is nothing quite like watching caterpillars emerge.

I wanted to find things that would be easy for moms, and yet engaging enough to hold kids’ interest while they play and learn about science.

I hope you like the science kits I chose and that you all enjoy spending time together with a stress-free, no-pressure way to learn science.

If you are ready to move on from kits, please check out our Homeschool Science Equipment: The Essential Tools article with EVERYTHING you need to do science at home.

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