Homeschooling Myths: I Can’t Homeschool Because…

Homeschooling is a real challenge, and it’s natural that people consider all the potential obstacles to homeschooling before they make the commitment to educate at home. There are lots of homeschooling myths out there. The bloggers of iHomeschool Network have joined forces to share their thoughts, this time discrediting the most commonly used reasons why a mom can’t homeschool

Homeschooling Myths: I Can't Homeschool Because...

In this link-up, you will see reasons that you’ve heard others give and probably a few that you have thought of yourself. The good news is that it is possible to overcome each of these objections to homeschooling and successfully teach your children at home.

Please be encouraged that you are not alone in thinking you can’t homeschool. But you can!


I can’t homeschool because… My Child is in High School

We ignore the fact that our previous fears about elementary and middle school turned out to be toothless lions. Now we are convinced that these high school fears are the real deal. The stakes are so much higher now that are teens have just four more years with us. Read more about this myth from Jimmie at Jimmie’s Collage

I can’t homeschool because…I need my “me” time

Of all the excuses people give for not homeschooling, this one hurts my heart the most. I can’t homeschool, I have to have my me time. It falls along the same lines as “I’d kill my kids or they’d kill me” (which also makes me sad) and I’ve noticed it comes mainly from moms who are torn between a tugging they feel to bring their children home and what is “expected” of them by society/family/their favorite professor in college. Read more about this myth from Lara at Lara’s Place and a Cup of Grace

I can’t homeschool because…I need my space

I’m a bit of an introvert. I like my time to have quiet and peace. I like to immerse myself in a new book and not talk to anyone until I’ve finished it. I don’t want to share my food. I like to create projects for long periods of time and not worry about the needs of another human being. Read more about this myth from Ticia from Adventures in Mommydom


I can’t homeschool because…I wouldn’t have time for anything else

My first reality check: I don’t need to be teaching all day. I looked hard at the public school day, a schedule I was familiar with from years of volunteering. I started with their six hour school day and removed the time that the kids were waiting for the next activity or for their classmates to be ready, moving from place to place, having lunch or recess, or in independent reading time. Read more about this myth from Heidi from Home Schoolroom

I can’t homeschool because…I do not have a degree

By degree, I’m specifically referring to a teaching degree, but this will apply to questions about teaching without any type bachelor’s or college degree. The Short Answer: YES! You absolutely CAN homeschool without a degree. Not only is it not required by most states that a homeschooling parent has a college degree, but it’s simply a misconceived notion that those without a college degree are not intelligent. Read more about this myth from Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler

I can’t homeschool because…I have twins

While I think my daughter could be perfectly fine in a traditional school setting, I am hugely concerned that my twin boys would be “labeled” in such an environment. While I want them to be seen and treated as individuals, I don’t want one’s strengths to highlight the other’s weaknesses. Read more about this myth from Jenn from Mama Jenn


I can’t homeschool because…I Don’t Have Time

We have four children, including some with ADHD, plus I’m a full-time minister and I work – so time is extra precious around here. But, I’ve learned a few great tips for managing our homeschooling time and I’m thrilled to share them with you all! Read more about this myth from Selena at Look, We’re Learning

I can’t homeschool because…I’m an Introvert

I’ve written before that the greatest challenge I face as a homeschooler is my own introversion. So when people say “I can’t homeschool because I’m an introvert,” I understand. When people say they would go nuts if they had to be around their children all day, I know that they probably aren’t exaggerating. They really feel that way. It has nothing to do with not loving your children enough. It’s about your own personal sanity. Read more about this myth from Sallie at Sallie Borrink

I can’t homeschool because…I Have Too Many Kids

True, there is more to juggle with more children. More of everything. More laundry, more meals, more messes, some days more chaos. However, there is also more laughter, more interesting conversations, more unique personalities. Read more about this myth from Jennifer at Forever, For Always, No Matter What


I can’t homeschool because…I’m Not a Certified Teacher

I’m a certified teacher, and it has been more of a hindrance than a help. My teacher certification meant that I was trained in classroom management (aka crowd control), how to handle the dozens of transitions in a day, and how to keep accurate records of everything from attendance to discipline issues to lesson plans. And none of it helped me with homeschooling my own children. Read more about this myth from Jennifer at Jennifer A. Janes

I can’t homeschool because…I Have 4 Teenagers

Everyone knows that it is impossible to homeschool a teenager, right? Wrong! The fact is that not only can you survive homeschooling a teen–or even FOUR of them–but your family can truly thrive in this homeschooling lifestyle. Read more about this myth from Judy at Contented at Home

I can’t homeschool because…I Hated Math And Science

There could be many reasons for not liking math and science, but none of them should be the reason you hold back from homeschooling. Whether you are just not confident with your knowledge base or you are fearful of teaching these technical subjects, there are lots of resources available to you and your children that will ensure they get the homeschool math and science education they need. Read more about this myth from Marci at Homeschool Scientist


I can’t homeschool because…I don’t have patience

Let’s consider what this statement actually means. There is a straightforward truth hiding in this statement—one we don’t want to admit or even recognize. If we think about it, we’d be embarrassed to say it out loud. What does I don’t have any patience really mean? It means: You keep me from doing what I want to do. It’s all about me. Read more about this myth from Maggie from Bright Ideas Press

I can’t homeschool because…I am a work-at-home mom

Yes, you can work at home and still homeschool your children. In fact, working at home, versus working in a traditional office setting, can prevent the pain of giving up two incomes that is expected in a homeschool family. Read more about this myth from Jimmie from Jimmie’s Collage

I can’t homeschool because…I Am Not Confident At All

Making a decision to do a full time home education your children is not something easy. Parents are usually faced with a lot of consideration. Lacking of confidence in anything to be a homeschooling mom is the biggest problem that I had. Read more about this myth from Adelien at Blessed Learners


I can’t homeschool because…I Work Outside the Home

People often assume that I’m a stay at home mom. Most are surprised when I tell them that I work outside the home, as a registered nurse. ‘But you can’t work and homeschool, too?!’ I DO work outside the home along with homeschooling three of my small children. It’s not a piece of cake, but I’ll show you how I manage. Read more about this myth from Dianna at Kennedy Adventures

I can’t homeschool because…I want my kids to play sports

I remember when I first talked about homeschooling my children, my husband was a bit reluctant because he definitely wanted our kids to play sports if they wanted to. In fact, that is a very common reason why many parents don’t even look at homeschooling as a promising educational choice. I’m here to tell you that it is still very possible to allow your children to participate in sports and still homeschool. We are living proof of that!
Read more about this myth from Sarah from Sidetracked Sarah

I can’t homeschool because…my child is dyslexic

Homeschooling is another one of those areas that continually challenges me. Finding just the right curriculums, figuring out schedules (or not), understanding child development, troubleshooting attitudes and just plain how to get it all done, are just a few of the hurdles we leap as homeschool moms. Nothing has so confounded me as realizing that our first born son, and now 6 others, had dyslexia. Read more about this myth from Marianne from Adundant Life


I can’t homeschool because…I don’t know a thing about great art

For the most part math and science have “correct” answers. Four plus four will always be eight. The chemical make-up of water is two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen. They are black and white answers and they are always the same. Not so with offering a subject like art and art appreciation. There are not so many black and white “correct” answers. Art is where we can feel like we are miserable examples to our children and in no way qualified to teach them. Read more about this myth from Barb from Harmony Fine Arts

I can’t homeschool because…I do not have the patience

I thought about homeschooling for two years before our family took the plunge. I know every “excuse” in the book. Today, I’d like to look at the number one reason people tell me they can’t homeschool: “I Don’t Have the Patience!” Lest you think I am full of patience, please ask my children and my husband. Impatience is one of my defining characteristics, and I’m not proud of that. I am constantly working on this. As I’ve been thinking about this subject, however, I’ve learned some important things. Read more about this myth from Mary from Homegrown Learners

I can’t homeschool because…of the little ones

That’s the question I heard most often when our eldest was just a little more than a year old. It’s also the question the Lord used to work on my heart about homeschooling. Before I go any further, I am here to share the how tos of homeschooling with little ones. I fully believe that every family should seek the Lord’s will in what is best for each of their children.Read more about this myth from Tricia from Hodge Podge


I can’t homeschool because…my kids will be weird

When I first brought up the subject of homeschooling with my husband, he said flat out, “no way, our kids will be weird!” When I mentioned to my mom that we were thinking about homeschooling, she said, “you’re kids will be weird!” Even friends of friends weighed in on the topic and said, “well the kids may have good test results, but they still will be weird!” Read more about this myth from Jen from Forever, For Always, No Matter What

I can’t homeschool because…my child has special needs

When I learned that my younger daughter had serious learning difficulties, I was terrified. I had been a classroom teacher, but I had no experience in special education. I have finally come to the point where I feel comfortable in my role as the homeschooling parent of a child with special needs. Do I have all the answers? No, but I am confident that I can find what I need for my daughter to reach her full potential. Read more about this myth from Jennifer from Jennifer A. Janes

I can’t homeschool because…I am unorganized

Homeschool moms and dads are impeccably organized teachers who have years of lessons planned, the house in order, and keep day-planners to track all their outside engagements. LIES! I’m going to take this silly idea that in order to homeschool, you have to have an organizational personality, and throw it right out the window! Read more about this myth from Aadel from These Temporary Tents


I can’t homeschool because…I am not very patient

Dear mother who doesn’t think she’s patient enough to homeschool, I’d love to write and tell you that you have nothing to worry about, but I have to be honest and admit that you are right. You most likely are NOT patient enough right now to homeschool your children. Sad, but true. Read more about this myth from Heather from Cultivated Lives

I can’t homeschool because…I am not qualified to teach high level subjects

“Mom, can we learn about chemistry next year in Science?” came the small voice somewhere underneath the hand-me-down white lab coat. The very thought of preparing a year’s worth of lessons about CHEMISTRY made me want to run and hide. “WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT CHEMISTRY??” were the words ringing in my head. Read more about this myth from Jamie from The Unlikely Homeschool

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Our family is discussing this right now whether to attend public, private, or home school our children. We still have time to decide, but we like to discuss big decisions such as this in detail so we can explore our options. You have given me plenty to share with my husband.

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