Homeschool President’s Day Learning Fun

President's Day Learning Fun for your Homeschool

President’s Day is one of my 10 year old history buff’s favorite days.  His love of all things American Presidents started at preschool age and continues today.  Fortunately, as homeschoolers, we have the option to conduct school on President’s Day (unlike public and private schools around us). We take advantage of this opportunity to enrich our history studies with learning fun.

Our focus of learning for the day centers around all United States of America Presidents. Why limit it to only Lincoln and Washington?

To add to our learning fun and honor all American Presidents, we use a variety of resources – both physical products and online-to boost our celebration of this day.  I strive to incorporate different types of activities to address the variety of learning styles in our homeschool (kinesthetic, auditory, and visual).  Hands-on activities, intermixed with songs, educational videos and games, are the most effective way to keep my boys engaged and learning.

President’s Day Learning Resources

1. The Great American Presidents Puzzle — This 200 piece puzzle is one of our favorite puzzles of all time!  The illustrations of each President give a bit of information about their lives.  It even includes a Presidential facts book!

2.  Professor Noggin’s Presidents of the United States Card Game — Our boys love to play Professor Noggin’s card games.  The trivia questions at different levels are perfect for family fun.  These Presidents cards are super fun to include in homeschool history learning fun.

3.  Fandex Family Field Guides: Presidents — My boys enjoy flipping through this Fandex of American Presidents.  We use it to read aloud facts and trivia. Also, it is fun to use for a version of iSpy.  We spread the Fandex into a complete circle.  Each boy takes a turn selecting a President and giving a clue about that President’s life or time in office.  It’s easy to break down this iSpy game into historical time periods or according to time period of study.

4.  The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Presidents of America — This book is filled with fantastic pictures and facts about the Presidents.  It includes information about which states entered the union during which presidency.  According to Professor (my history buff), this resource “is one of the finest that I’ve ever seen.”

Looking for more President’s Day resource for your homeschool?  Check out what these iHomeschool Network bloggers have to offer:

President’s Day is a fantastic time to incorporate learning fun into your homeschool.  We would love to hear how you honor American Presidents on this holiday!


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