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Shark art. Really? In a homeschool world where there seems to be such a big checklist of important subjects, why should art be in the group at the top of the list? And why celebrate shark week with art? Here’s why. Art complements and enhances all other subjects. I encourage you to join in with Shark Week in a fun and educational way. Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Art fires those synapses in the right side of the brain that go hand in hand with math on the left side of the brain. It’s good exercise.
How Homeschoolers Can Celebrate Shark Week With Art
You will be surprised at how much you all learn about sharks. At our house we have a resident shark expert. She inspired a series of shark art lessons with chalk pastels.

Celebrate Shark Week with Art

What supplies do you need?
All it takes is a starter set of chalk pastels, construction paper and Nana’s art lessons to capture the beauty of sharks! No expensive, intimidating list of art supplies.

Shark Art Lessons

Take a gentle learning approach with art tutorials. Here are a few we have. A set of video art lessons is coming to in time for Shark Week!
Besides, you need a brain break! Start with 10 minutes after a meal one day a week. Or combine art with another subject. Mix it in. And remember, you ARE an artist!

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