Wiggly kids? Children who struggle to focus? Learn how to use weighted blankets in your homeschool for a calmer and happier learning experience. Learn about DIY weighted blankets.

How to Use Weighted Blankets in Your Homeschool

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Learn How to Use Blankets in Your Homeschool

What is a weighted blanket? This sensory tool is simply a heavy blanket. Many different materials can be used to make a weighted blanket. Poly pellets are the most common filling, but there are some great plastic-free weighted blanket fillers that you can use instead.

You can use this tutorial to sew your own weighted blanket. They also sold everywhere these days, from Amazon to Etsy.

You can choose whatever fabrics you like best for your blanket. I usually make mine out of quilting cotton because it stays cool, but people love the softness of minky fabric, which is much warmer. It’s important to think carefully about how much your weighted blanket should weigh.

Learn more about what weighted blankets are made out of.

Weighted Blanket Safety Tips

Because weighted blankets are heavy, you want to make sure children don’t put them over their heads. You’ll want to teach your children this and supervise their use.

For the same reason, you want to make sure your children aren’t using a blanket that is too heavy for them. A weighted blanket should never be heavier than 15% of your child’s ideal weight.

Use Weighted Blankets for Focus

Weighted blankets can be amazing focus tools for kids who struggle with concentration! Lay the blanket around their shoulders or across their lap. The soothing weight of the blanket helps children fight distractions and focus on their work.

Find activities to help kids calm down and stay calm.

Weighted Blankets for Wiggly Kids

Wiggly children are often searching for sensory input. The heaviness of a weighted blanket offers them enough sensory input that they are often able to stay still.

Using Weighted Blankets to Soothe Anxiety

A weighted blanket around your shoulders feels a lot like a hug. A blanket across your lap is soothing the same way a sleeping cat on your lap is soothing.

Use weighted blankets to soothe anxiety so that children can focus on tests and other assignments.

You can use weighted blankets to soothe your own anxiety as a homeschooling parent, too!

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How Often Should I Use a Weighted Blanket to Homeschool?

As long as you follow the safety guidelines, you can use a weighted blanket as often as you like! Some of my children use them every day. Others go weeks without using one and then start pulling them out again. There are no side effects for using a correctly weighted blanket as instructed!

How do you use weighted blankets in your homeschool?

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