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There are so many programs for teaching reading, but not all are created equal. PRIDE Reading Program is based on the scientifically-proven Orton-Gillingham method. It’s ideal for dyslexic kids or any struggling reader thanks to its progressive, structured, and multisensory approach. Find out what the homeschool moms in iHomeschool Network think about this innovative at-home reading curriculum.

Reading Skills

PRIDE Reading Program is a highly structured curriculum that teaches through a multisensory approach.

The lessons are scripted so homeschool parents can immediately start teaching, without having to go through extensive or expensive training. Everything you need is in the PRIDE Reading Program kits, including super fun games.

“The PRIDE Reading Program is the effective, affordable and easy to use reading and writing homeschooling curriculum using the Orton-Gillingham approach.”

PRIDE Reading Program

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Features of PRIDE Reading Program

This program is great for any student who is having trouble learning how to read. And best of all, parents don’t need extensive training to implement it successfully.

  • Orton-Gillingham approach
  • scripted lessons
  • no prior knowledge required
  • full support for parents
  • interactive games
  • multisensory approach
  • covers reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension
  • works great for dyslexia, auditory and visual processing disorder, speech deficits, and other learning differences
  • ideal for homeschoolers
  • free placement test to get started

Scripted, easy and comprehensive

With PRIDE Reading, you don’t need to undergo the expensive Orton-Gillingham training yourself to apply the principles in your homeschool.

The step-by-step scripts make the program incredibly easy for parents to implement. The online teacher guides have every lesson broken down into easy-to-navigate chunks. The introductory video classes help parents understand how this method would work for their children.

“One of my favorite things about the PRIDE Reading Program are the detailed, scripted lesson plans. You don’t need to have an official training in Orton-Gillingham or reading instruction in order to be able to use this open-and-go curriculum. […]

I was thoroughly impressed with the comprehensive instructional videos that are available to lay out the program and what to expect.”

– Lynna, Your Large Family Homeschool

“This proven system has everything you need to
help your child learn to read
whether you are working with a struggling reader, have a child diagnosed with dyslexia or other reading challenges, or are simply a parent who loves to have a step-by-guide to walk them through the process. 

The PRIDE Reading program is an excellent source of help. […]”

– Kelly, Hope in the Chaos

“Hands-down, my favorite thing about Pride Reading Program is the online step-by-step teaching guide. You can learn exactly what you need to do each lesson by quickly looking through the teacher guide. I love the helpful videos and the fact that I don’t need to search high and low for what to do each day. It’s all right there, laid out for me in just a few steps!

– Tiffany, Homeschool Hideout

Multisensory and fun

Struggling readers and dyslexic children benefit from the multisensory games and hands-on activities in the PRIDE Reading Program. iHN parents are impressed with the quality of materials and how easily their kids take to this approach to reading.

“One of my favorite features of the PRIDE Reading Program is that it’s very hands-on for a reading curriculum. They use activities that involve actual physical movement to reinforce what they’re learning.

We also both really liked the learning games that were included at the end of each lesson. My son loves games, so getting to play one at the end of the lesson was a huge motivation for him.

He enjoyed it enough that he never even realized it was extra learning.

– Candice, A Touch of Homeschooling

PRIDE Reading Program takes a creative and progressive approach to helping struggling readers. Hands-on and often game based, the learning is exactly what a child with learning differences needs to make progress as a reader.

– Shawna, Different by Design

“The PRIDE Reading Program uses a multisensory approach to teaching reading. As students use the
program, they’ll have the opportunity to hear parents introduce sounds. They’ll see picture pages that introduce new sounds and concepts visually. They’ll learn to write the letters and letter patterns that make up sounds. And they will have the opportunity to manipulate sound cards and letter tiles to form words with letters and letter patterns.”

– Leah, As We Walk Along the Road

PRIDE Reading Program is a great curriculum

It’s hard to find a reading curriculum that is both easy for the parents and fun for the children, but PRIDE Reading Program does a great job ensuring kids read with confidence, regardless of their learning struggles.

Hands down, this is the best curriculum I’ve used to teach reading.

[…]Teaching a child to read is one of the most important skills you will ever teach them. But sometimes, it can feel overwhelming! Especially if you have a child with learning differences, such as dyslexia. With PRIDE Reading’s use of the Orton-Gillingham method and multisensory approach, I can easily help my child win at reading.”

– Destiny, Some Call It Destiny

I am blown away! This is such a well-put-together curriculum that it has completely eased my worry of being able to teach my son to read; with this curriculum I know I have the tools to succeed!

I am glad I was able to give the Pride Reading Program: Beginning Letters and Sounds a test run, honestly the reviews I’ve seen I thought it was only to be used for kids with dyslexia – this is not the case at all, anyone can use PRIDE Reading!

– Ashlee, Gathered and Grounded

I am so glad that I discovered the PRIDE Reading Program! […]

I was so impressed with the way this curriculum makes the Orton-Gillingham method accessible to parents, even when we don’t have formal training in teaching kids how to read. The curriculum breaks down
the complicated process of learning how to read into manageable pieces that seem doable even for struggling readers.”

– Sarah, Homeschooling 4 Him


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  1. What is the age group for pride reading program? I have a 9 year old granddaughter and I like to work with her using books for executive function skills and life skills. Do you have any courses or books for this age group?
    Thank you
    Amal Fadaak

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