10 Resources for Teaching Kids About the Election Process

10 Resources for Teaching Kids About the Election Process

I am certain that I am not the only well-intentioned, world-class-procrastinator homeschooling mom out there. I am the pro to which the word procrastinate refers.

If you’ve just read that and think that we must be kindred spirits, fear not. Those of us who really do want to capitalize on the election year and teach our kids about the election process can still make it happen with these 10 resources for teaching kids about the election process – for procrastinators like me!

1. Crash Course videos on YouTube

I absolutely love the Crash Course videos. They explain concepts in a concise, engaging way that captures the interests of tweens and teens. They do sometimes make crude jokes or off-color remarks, so you may want to preview them first to make sure they’re right for your family.

2. Voting Booth for Kids from Creekside Learning

Set up a voting booth for your kids so that they can experience the process. This is a great activity for a co-op group or your kids and a few of their friends.

3. U.S. Elections Unit Study

This U.S. Elections unit study from Homeschool in the Woods (and reviewed by Heidi at Starts at Eight) is available as an immediate digital download. That means you can start it the same day you download it. Procrastinators, unite!

4. Election Printables and Ideas

From Hip Homeschool Moms. This list of resources features election-themed bingo games, coloring pages, and activities.

FREE 2016 ELECTION PAGES from NotebookingPages.com

free 2016 election pages

5. A Presidential Election Unit Study {in 2 hours or less}

A quick, no-frills presidential election unit study? Yes, please! Check out Sarah MacKenzie’s simple, down-and-dirty, guilt-banishing unit study.

6. Elections 2016 Homeschool Resources

Marcy, from Ben and Me, has collected way more resources than you’ll be able to get to this late in the game, but do you know what that means? Lots of choices! Pick the ones that will work best for your family in the time that you have and don’t feel guilty about the rest.

7. Electoral College Kids Civics Lesson Cartoon

No election resources list would be complete without a good Schoolhouse Rock video. This one teaches kids (and adults!) about the electoral college. You can view every single episode for free on ABC.com.

8. U.S. Presidential Election 2016/17 Easily Explained

This short YouTube video makes good on its claim. In just about 5 minutes, it covers the election process from party nominees through the electoral college vote in easy to understand language.

9. Teaching Kids About the Election Process

Jamie, from The Unlikely Homeschool, shares kid-friendly resources and activity ideas for teaching kids specifically about the election process. Her ideas are simple enough to use with young children but entertaining enough to get older kids involved, too.

10. FREE US Presidential Election Cards

Are your kids unsure what all those election terms mean? Download this free set of cards from Research Parent to define 20 of them!

Finally, take your kids to the polls with you so they can get a first-hand look at how the process works. Then, watch at least a portion of the election returns coverage on TV.  See? Even those of us who have procrastinated can still manage to teach our kids about the election process before November 8!

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Kris Bales and her husband of 25+ years are parents to three kids - one high schooler and two homeschool grads. Kris has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. She also seems intent on becoming the crazy cat lady long before she's old and alone.

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