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Math is a homeschool subject many parents cringe at. But did you know there are flexible math programs out there, like Teaching Textbooks, that could take the stress of math off your daily plate?

Teaching Textbooks App: a math program for homeschoolers

If you’ve been homeschooling for any number of years, the chances are you’ve heard about Teaching Textbooks, but did you know this awesome math program just got better with the new upgrade?

Teaching Textbooks is digital math program for grades 3-12 that’s now available on all devices and it can even be used offline.

“..everything about TT is designed to take the fear factor out of math, and this is especially important at the high school levels. Also, if students are able to work independently and see their progress in real-time, they are typically more motivated to complete their work. This means parents can focus on other areas of their homeschool that require their attention.”

– Teaching Textbooks

This flexible math program has been a great fit for a lot of homeschool families for years because it offers so many options.

  • self-paced
  • spiral approach
  • works on all devices, even offline
  • affordable for large families
  • videos for every problem
  • ebook included (can be printed)
  • fun and engaging for kids
  • it’s like having your own math tutor at your fingertips
  • live help over the phone
  • auto-grading

Teaching Textbooks is the perfect solution for overwhelmed families, families on the move, kids that want to work independently, and families that simply need help with math.

And did you know they have an awesome 15 lessons full trial (no credit card required)?

Easy to implement

Teaching Textbooks requires zero prep for the parent. It’s also easy to implement in the whirlwind of homeschool life, offering help whenever kids need it. Parents can just set their kids up and supervise. Even the grading is done for you.

“Thankfully, there is absolutely no prep whatsoever involved in the Teaching Textbooks app. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I literally have to do nothing […]”

– Sophie, My Cup Runs Over

“Having four children in three different levels and different lessons can be challenging, but Teaching Textbooks has made that easier than ever.

When it’s time for math, they log in and begin the lecture without any help from me. “

– Bethany, Bethany Ishee

“My absolute favorite thing about using a program like Teaching Textbooks is that I don’t have to be the math teacher.

– Christy, Homeschooling in Progress

“This is the only homeschool math curriculum that I’ve found that does everything for me. […].”

– Kim, The Learning Hypothesis

“Honestly, because the program is so comprehensive, I haven’t needed to help my kids much at all this year.”

– Selena, Look We’re Learning

“It’s just like having a tutor there every day to walk your child or teen through their math problems. I can’t even begin to put a price on that!”

– Judy, Meaningful Homeschooling

“Homeschool math IS made simple with Teaching Textbooks app – the only math program that teaches, grades, works on every platform, and offline!

– Virginia, That Bald Chick

Teaching Textbooks is fun

Parents and kids describe Teaching Textbooks as a fun and engaging curriculum that the kids love doing independently.

“There are a lot of homeschool math programs out there, but Teaching Textbooks is one that we came back to year after year. It offered the kind of immediate feedback, in-depth tutoring, and fun that made math enjoyable for our kids.

– Brandi, Mama Teaches

“I appreciate that when my third grader opens her Teaching Textbooks portal she is greeted with an enthusiast math coach whose patience never runs out. […]And whenever I can see enchantment and math side by side, I call it a win! 🙂 “

– Angela, Nurtured Roots

“I really like Teaching Textbooks! It’s fun and exciting […] The teacher is really helpfuI, and the gradebook is awesome for monitoring your progress. […] Teaching Textbooks is great! 5 stars!- Addie, 12″

– Melissa, Learn Their Way

Well-loved math

Teaching Textbooks is appreciated and loved by both parents and kids for its ease of use and quality, managing to present a solid math curriculum in a package that kids like.

“This has been a go-to math curriculum for homeschoolers for years, and it’s still one of the best choices available. […] It’s still a rock-solid, comprehensive math curriculum that’s committed
to helping kids learn math in a way that’s fun and engaging.”

– Megan, Education Possible

“There are new updates to Teaching Textbooks that make it worth its weight in gold.[…]
Teaching Textbooks app has completely changed the
way we do homeschool math
. It has taken away the challenges we fear, the frustrations we loathe, and the rigid expectations we find strangling. It keeps the focus on educating, engaging, and challenging differently-wired kids.”

– Ginny, Not So Formulaic

“I’ve noticed that this independent learning structure has helped build confidence in my son and his math
skills. He is very enthused about logging on to do his math lessons and takes pride in correctly answering practice questions and grasping new concepts.”

– Ashely, The Purposeful Nest

“Using Teaching Textbooks has revolutionized our homeschool math time! […]

Math time may not be her favorite time of the homeschool day but she’s happy to go do it! For her, this is a subject she doesn’t have to do sitting at a table with Mom, and it does not have to be tedious and boring.”

– Rebecca, Line Upon Line Learning

“I love that I can focus on other aspects of my children’s education because Teaching Textbooks has taken math off my shoulders. And for that, I am forever grateful.”

– Erin, Nourishing My Scholar

Accessible math program

Teaching Textbooks is an accessible math curriculum for kids with different learning styles and parents love that it’s both flexible and affordable, even for large families.

“One of the main things that drew us to Teaching Textbooks was the simplicity and affordability for big families.
[…]The fact that Teaching Textbooks offers a family plan that is well worth it for bigger families makes getting a great math program at an affordable rate attainable.”

– Nicole, Mama of Many Blessings

“I like this math program a lot because it caters to all learning styles in such a natural and fun way. “

– Jessica, Intentional in Life

“I am beyond impressed with both Teaching Textbooks courses. As the parent, I’m able to easily set up the course and make adjustments as needed. […] And on the back end, setting everything up is just so simple and accessible.”

– Claire, Write Cook Create


About the author

Laura is a homeschool mom from Europe, raising a STEM-gifted boy.
Homeschooling a gifted kid is sometimes difficult, but seeing her son flourish in this environment is worth it.
Over at Monkey and Mom she wants to help homeschool families from around the world find the best materials by testing them out in her homeschool.

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