5 Faith-Based Christmas Books for Kids

Do you love reading faith-based Christmas books to your kids during the holidays?

In a sea of secular books, sometimes it’s like weeding through a haystack to find a few faith-based gems to present to our kids.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not anti-secular when it comes to holiday fun. I’m right there with the rest of ’em when it comes to Christmas trees, the reindeer, and a good ol’ Twas a Night Before Christmas selection.

However, sometimes we just yearn to present the sacred to our children, to instill within them good values, and teach them about faith through the beauty of positive and uplifting literature.

Here are five faith-based Christmas books I hope you’ll enjoy reading to your children this holiday season.

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1. Three Wise Women by Mary Hoffman

This book is a non-traditional yet reverent twist on the story of the Three Wise Men. Three women, all from different parts of the world, travel a mystical journey to do one thing: give presents to the Baby Jesus.

There is a twist in the end when the gifts they give Jesus are reencountered when the baby grows up to become a man.

2. The Most Precious Gift: A Story of the Nativity by Marty Crisp

This heartfelt story shows a young boy traveling in a caravan that follows the eastern star in search of the newborn king. He is concerned that because he is poor, he won’t be able to give much to the king, compared to the gifts of kings and nobles.

The story ends beautifully when a gift like no other is presented to a one-of-a-kind king.

3. Great Joy by Kate DiCamillo

This touching story is about a young girl named Frances who notices a lonesome organ grinder and monkey on the street outside her apartment. The Christmas season leads Frances to find it in her heart to touch the life of someone who needs great joy.

in the end, she is able to share that joy with someone in a unique way.

4. Angela and the Baby Jesus by Frank McCourt

This is a sweet story of a six-year-old girl named Angela who is concerned about the baby Jesus on the church’s altar where her family lives.

It’s an enjoyable and sweet story for younger children during the Christmas season.

5. The Birds of Bethlehem by Tomie de Paola

If you love Christmas and nature’s birds, this faith-based Christmas book is a sweet one to share with your kids during the holiday season.

It’s about the Nativity story told from a bird’s perspective. All the birds agree that something significant is happening (they can feel it in the air)! They all fly to the stable where the Christ child is being born.

Share Your Favorites

These are all books that I’ve enjoyed reading to my girls when they were younger and still enjoy reading a few of them to my youngest daughter today.

Do any of these speak to your heart? If you have any suggestions for other faith-based Christmas books for kids you can leave them in the comments below!

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