Does Your Child Need a Math Tutor?

Most children can benefit from extra help at some point in their education. Understanding the reasons why you should get a tutor and whether your child needs one specifically, are important factors to consider. Let’s look over a couple of the reasons your child may need a math tutor so that you can choose wisely.

You Struggle to Work Together

You love your child, of course, but it can be very difficult to tutor your own child because many emotions come up for many people when it comes to math. Whether you like the subject or not, the teaching styles and methods change over the years.

As a homeschool mom, you may have learned math concepts differently than being taught in the math curriculum you chose for your child. Frustration with math can happen for both parents and children and can cause a lot of friction. If trying to help your child with math is causing problems in your relationship, hire a tutor. 

Grades Are Falling

If your child previously received good marks in math and the grades start going down, it’s time to consider hiring a math tutor. There could be a fundamental concept your child missed in mathematics that is causing the problem. A professional tutor can identify that issue or disability and help them get back on track with your math curriculum.

Likewise, your child might not have gotten good grades right from the start in some subjects like math. If that is the case, you should get a tutor as soon as you see a pattern or a problem. You may also want to seek academic advising, counseling, or testing to catch any underlying learning challenges that may be contributing to your child’s below-average grades in math.

Your Child Lacks Confidence 

A non-family member tutor can help your child gain the confidence they need. Thankfully, whether your child has a predisposition for low confidence or not, there are things you can do such as hiring a math tutor that will help your child feel like they can do it and are smart enough to learn.

You may want to look for a tutor that is willing to use the math curriculum you have chosen to help ease confusion for your struggling child. 

Your Need a Math Tutor – Now What?

If you have identified any of these factors for your child, consider hiring a tutor. Today, you can find a tutor that will work remotely using their computer and a camera to conduct the tutoring sessions. This makes it much easier for working parents and homeschooling families to take advantage of professional tutoring in math. 

6 Tips for Math Success in Your Homeschool

  1. Consider how you can stimulate mathematical thinking in your homeschool
  2. Get academic counseling and/or testing to see if there are gaps in your child’s math knowledge or learning challenges you may not be aware of.
  3. Ask friends, family, and like-minded homeschoolers for math tutor recommendations.
  4. Interview the prospective tutor and ask for a video sample of their tutoring.
  5. Look for a tutor that is willing to use the math curriculum you have chosen.
  6. When you are ready, commit to a few sessions of math tutoring and re-evaluate with the tutor and your child what the next steps should be for continued math success.


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Shannan shares her passion for helping others use the world as their classroom at Captivating Compass. Her home base is in Scotland, where she home educates and learns on location throughout Europe as much as possible. She creates digital curricula that promotes a broad worldview through creative learning and family travel experiences (in person & virtually).

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