I know how it is, fellow homeschool mom, trying to fit it all in. You have math, handwriting, science, phonics, history, literature, etc. How can you include enrichment subjects, too? Well, in addition to being a homeschool mom of eight, I am also a music teacher. And I have discovered some amazingly creative ways to include music in your homeschool — through online courses!

How to Include Music in Your Homeschool Through Online Courses

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What “Music” to Include in Your Homeschool

First of all, I want to define what I mean by “music.” There are several different types of music instruction that you can include in your homeschool. “Music” in your homeschool can include all of the following:

  • Private instrument or voice lessons
  • Group instrument or voice lessons
  • Music appreciation (composer study, genres or styles, etc.)
  • Composition
  • Musical theater
  • Music theory
  • Music history
  • Hymn study
  • Early childhood music and movement

How do Online Courses Work?

There are several different types of online courses.

One type is a membership site. You go to the website (accessible on any computer or device) and get your course material there. It could be videos, worksheets, games, or whatever you need to complete the lessons. The benefit of this type of online course is that the lessons are accessible whenever you are available for them. Sometimes, the course is limited to only one year’s access at a time. And, other times you get lifetime access.

A great course site that includes lifetime access online courses in music appreciation, music history, and hymn study is Learn.MusicinOurHomeschool.com. If you’re looking for early childhood music and movement classes, try Musik at Home.

Live lessons are another type of online course. With these, you log in at a specific time to see the teacher giving live instruction. The benefits to these are that you can have interaction with the teacher and/or other students. If it’s a private lesson through Skype, for example, the teacher can see and hear you to give you immediate feedback. If it’s a group lesson, such as studying composers together and listening to music, your student can chat with other students about the material and ask questions of the teacher.

A wonderful option for live music lessons is SQUILT Live.

What type of Online Courses are available for private or group instrument/voice lessons?

It’s exciting to see that almost every month, new options are becoming available for instrument and voice instruction. You no longer have to worry about having to teach everything yourself or even finding a teacher in your area. Not only can you find online courses for each of the types of music education topics listed above, but you can also find the style (membership site or live lessons) and price range to fit you and your students. See here for a list of options for private and group music lessons you can take in the comfort of your own home.

How do you include music in your homeschool? Share below in a comment!

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