Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for the Whole Family

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it is the perfect time to celebrate family fun with these Thanksgiving crafts and activities for kids of all ages.

Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for the Whole Family

Thanksgiving Crafts, Activities, and Memories

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. It often gets overlooked with the glitz and glamor of Christmas only a few weeks away, but I find it to be the one holiday that asks us to pause. Pause from the commercialism. Pause from the chaos. Pause from the pressure of needing to find gifts and simply relish the presence of our loved ones.

One of the ways to do that is by including family members in all types of Thanksgiving crafts and activities. Whether it is games to play, lessons to study, books to read, or crafts to make, there is something to cherish in all of those family interactions.

This Thanksgiving, get excited about the chance to pause and simply enjoy one another. Get excited about making memories in ways that do not require gifts or costumes or anything other than conversation and creativity.

7 Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for the Whole Family

Have a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Hosting a scavenger hunt does not have to be an involved process. Simply look around the house for things that are already out and about and include them on the list. Here are some great suggestions for putting together the ultimate Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.

Make a Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Instead of cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving, make one out of rocks instead! Okay, maybe cooking one is a good idea too, but this adorable nature craft is too cute to pass up. All you need are some leaves, a rock, some glue, and a couple of googly eyes to complete your Nature Turkey craft!

The ABCs of Thanksgiving

This list of Thanksgiving ABCs is a great place to start when asking your kids to come up with their own. Challenge them to think of something that starts with each letter of the alphabet that is related to Thanksgiving.

Try Some Thanksgiving STEM Experiments

Even though it is the holidays, homeschooling never ends. Try one of these fun Thanksgiving STEM activities to get in the holiday spirit and sneak some learning in! Our favorite experiment is the Secret Message with baking Soda and Cranberry Juice.

Play Turkey Tag

After making your turkey clothespins, head outdoors and play Turkey Tag! It will help little ones burn off energy and have the whole family laughing and smiling either before or after dinner.

Make a Feather Headband

While the Thanksgiving dinner is cooking, have the kids work together to make Thanksgiving headbands for everyone in attendance. They are super simple to make and can be customized for each guest. They also only require construction paper, craft paper, glue, scissors, a pencil, and a stapler – things you already have on hand!

Make a Paper Plate Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts

This adorable turkey paper plate craft is easy to make and gives kids a chance to jot down all of the things they are thankful for in their lives. If you decide to make them on Thanksgiving Day, you may want to opt for coloring them with crayons instead of painting them just to cut down on the crafting mess.

No matter what you decide to do, having fun together as a family is the best Thanksgiving activity of them all.

Brandi Jordan

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Brandi Jordan is a former classroom teacher turned homeschooler. She's also a certified youth and adult yoga instructor, personal trainer, and youth exercise specialist. When not creating things for her sites, she can be found hanging out with her three kids, hubby, and a menagerie of pets.

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