Homeschool to College with Thiel College in PA

Does your homeschooler plan to attend college? Homeschool to college with Thiel College would be an excellent choice!

Homeschool to College with Thiel College

I was excited to learn about Thiel College and all that it offers homeschooled students.

Thiel College

Located in the community of Greenville in Mercer County, PA, Thiel College is a great choice for college-bound homeschool graduates.

Thiel College (pronounced “teal”) was founded in 1866 as a coeducational institution in western Pennsylvania. Thiel is an independent liberal arts college rooted in the Lutheran tradition. With over 60+ majors and minors to chose from, students have a wide variety of study.

Location, Location, Location

Residents are only a 90 minutes’ drive from both Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Therefore, students at Thiel have plenty of opportunities for internships, educational trips, and entertainment. The campus location offers students the best of both worlds. Students can enjoy the nature of the western Pennsylvania countryside and still take advantage of cultural experiences offered in nearby urban cities.

Consider these perks!

  • 11:1 student-faculty ratio
  • 100+ clubs, teams, and organizations
  • 70% of classes have less than 20 students.
  • 100% complete one or more internships or a practicum prior to graduation.
  • 80% of faculty hold the highest degree in their field
  • Graduates often go on to study at top institutions like Duke, Harvard, Oxford, University of Chicago, Vanderbilt, and Yale.

Homeschool to College With Thiel

Thiel campus scenes, Sept. 20, 2018 (Photo by Ed Mailliard)

The transition from homeschool to college can be challenging and Thiel offers a welcoming environment for homeschooled students. It is a great mix of a small close-knit community with the opportunity for more experiences as your student gets settled.

On-campus, your student will be surrounded by supportive staff and focused peers. 95% of students live on campus, making study groups, friendships, and support easily accessible. Off-campus, there’s plenty to explore! Western PA is full is attractions, dining, historical landmarks, and outdoor activities.

Thiel offers 60+ majors and minors, as well as academic offerings such a studying abroad and pre-professional programs. Check out this list of programs!

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Business & Accounting



Health Sciences


Social Sciences


Mathematics & Computer Science

More About Thiel

Thiel is proactive in meeting the needs of ALL students! For example, their Office for Diversity and Inclusion offers useful resources and student organizations designed to create a learning environment where every student can succeed and feel supported.

Homeschool to College with Thiel

Thiel also offers a unique first-year experience for new students, which really makes the transition to college life so much easier. Another great perk for your homeschooled-to-college kiddo. The First-Year Experience (FYE) program is a series of events leading up to the first day of classes, including icebreakers, seminars, social events, and a welcoming weekend. Homeschool to college with Thiel is an excellent choice for your transitioning student!

Check out the college website and see what else Thiel has to offer!

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