Celebrating Cinco de Mayo is a fun way to incorporate culture and history into your day. We’ve gathered up 5 things you need to host an unforgettable homeschool Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Host Your Own Homeschool Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Cinco de Mayo is often falsely celebrated as Mexico’s Independence Day. In fact, their Independence Day is September 16th. So why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Ironically, it is more of an American holiday than a Mexican holiday. It is only celebrated in a few towns in Mexico but the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration happens in America.

The Cinco de Mayo celebration is in honor of Mexico’s short-lived victory over France in 1862, a true underdog story. With less than half the men, Mexico managed to beat France in the Battle of Puebla. Within the month France had conquered two more of Mexico’s cities, winning the war.  Although defeated, the Mexican Army was still proud of their small victory.

Get to know the underdogs:

Research the Battle of Puebla and its significance. Explain how the Mexican army was able to defeat the French, with less than half the men who were far less equipped to fight.  Write a report or give an oral presentation during your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Host a feast:

No Cinco de Mayo Celebration is complete without easy tissue paper papel picado!Mexican cuisine is a favorite in many american households. Whip up your favorite Mexican foods and invite your friends and family to join you.  Start off with chips and salsa, then add a few options for your main course and finish it with dessert. Don’t forget to drink Mexican inspired drinks, as well! Go all out and make several recipes for your guest to choose from.

Create music:

Nothing sets the mood quite like good music. Play your favorites or opt to create your own instruments. Maracas can be made by placing 10 beans in a plastic egg and sandwiching them between 2 plastic spoons. Tape them tightly together and make some music!

Add some fun:

Pinatas are classic fun but did you know you can make your own with items you likely already have on hand? Cardboard, strong tape and streamers are all you need to add some fun to your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Decorate for your fiesta:

No Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete without papel picado. These colorful banners can be found at fiestas all across Mexico. They are simple and gorgeous to make using tissue paper and a pair of scissors.

With these 5 easy tips, your Cinco de Mayo celebration will be a fun tradition your kids will look forward to for years to come!

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